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Learn To Leverage The Power Of Your Business-to-business Ecommerce Site

There are good chances that you’ve seen the option to engage in a live chat while you buy and sell anything online. Many a times there is a static button that you click on to engage in live chat. A window may pop up as you click on the chat option to ask you if you need any help or assistance. During that point, you may decide upon whether or not you want to go live and communicate using the chat option and ask questions that you have about the products you are looking at or about the website you are on.

Do you wonder if such technology can improve the B2B ecommerce customer experience? Reports state that having an Online B2B Chat service on a website ups on-site conversions by 20%, reduces issue-handling costs by 25%, and also, clients or users that chat have 35% higher average order size. Now, who would not want to increase average cart size that too by cutting down on customer care services? An online chat option can indeed do a lot to boost your business. Online chats can offer a lot to the B2B ecommerce experience though it got its start on consumer-based web portals.

It goes without saying that these live interactions extend the personalized service B2B organizations offer their clients. Business-to-business companies thrive on personal relationships. Employing online chat option on your website will allow you to continue this personalized service in the Internet world. In this day and age potential buyers are anxious to get answers to their queries and get on with other work. Online chat offers a perfect mix of this need for a personalized touch with the high-speed demands of working in the world of web. It allows the customer service team to handle more than one question at a time while keeping up personalized service. If an inquiry is taking place through online interaction, your rep could easily engage with another user or potential buyer who has a question during the downtown with the first user.

Besides, chat comes with the advantage of after hours inquiries which allows users, those who are keen on doing business outside of regular business schedule and probably are already placing orders from home at late hours. Having this functionality on your ecommerce portal enable late night users/buyers to pose their question/concern and get a reply without any delay. It is indeed a powerful tool used in engaging users at the time of ecommerce sales process. Using such technology will expand your business, make it a more profitable venture and keep your customers happy.

As this technology continues to gain popularity, there is a palpable group of online shoppers willing to communicate this way. However, businesses must make sure their chat capabilities are as visible and resourceful as they required to be. A recent study found that a bulk of online shoppers find proactive invitations to these interaction to be positive, with the majority being receptive or appreciative of the customer service staff making the first move. So, add this option to your site and see what a difference this will make to your marketing efforts.

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