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Lessons From Old Fashion Direct Mail Used as Email Marketing Strategies to Monetize Your List

Once you have gotten your subscriber list up to a decent size and you are proving them with valuable content, you want to start thinking about ways that you can monetize your list. While the main purpose of your opt in email list is to provide your readers with valuable, helpful content, you still are going to want to promote your business every so often so you can make some money. After all that’s why you’re in business right?

Working an email list is really no different than the way you would work any offline direct marketing campaign but it seems that we often forget the lessons of the ages. Here’s a few ways you can monetize your list founded on tried and true direct marketing strategies. These can also be applied as powerful email marketing strategies.

1. You can build a membership site to your list and this way you can put all of your products on that membership site and your opt in email list will see them all in one place.

2. You can offer an upsell product to your list so that when they purchase something from you, you can sell them another offer at a greatly discounted price. Upsells are the bread and butter of direct marketing. Don’t fail to use them.

3. When there are new products coming out in your niche market you can send your email list an alerts to let them know. If you can honestly do it, create a review of the product and do a straight forward yea or nay evaluation. Even if the product is junk, so long as you tell your list that they will appreciate the honesty and the fact that you may have just saved them some money.

4. Package your products into relevant bundles. Offer discounts for purchasing more than one item. This is a huge selling technique for

5. Partner up with another relevant website and promote one of their products. You can work out an affiliate deal, charge a flat rate to the other site, or simply do reciprocal promotions with each other.

6. Books sell. They don’t make you much in commission but if you do any kind of volume you can make some bucks. Keep an eye on Amazon and look for books that address the interests of your list. You’ll know what those are by tracking their click-thrus. When you find one, write a review and include your affiliate list to Amazon and shoot it out. You’ll be surprised how many sales you actually get. There’s a reason why Time Life Book Club is still around.

7. Also do not put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak. It is a good idea to join several different affiliate programs in case something goes wrong with one. What could go wrong? Well for one thing the companies whose products that you are selling could go belly up and if they are no longer in business then neither are you. Another thing that could happen is you could get banned for some unexplainable reason.

Keep these direct marketing tips and email marketing strategies in mind and put them to use and you will start to make money online and you will be successful.

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