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Let’s Talk Home Energy Savings & The Benefits of Renewable Resources

Sparks, flashes and dollar signs: they’re in an electrician’s mind, and within your home’s walls. Imagine energy that originates from nature. Imagine the benefit of having sunlight — and geothermal heat — within your very own home.

There’s no slowing down the green revolution that’s aimed at saving homeowners money as well as restoring the condition of our Earth’s ozone and air quality.

That’s exactly what you can have after a local Montana energy expert has performed a home energy audit on your home. Have you heard of renewable resources?

These resources are provided by nature and are renewed or replenished as often as they’re being used. It’s a circular process of give and take. It’s reciprocal. It’s natural. It can save you money.

Let’s focus on the benefit of one specific option available for utilizing renewable energy resources in your home.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

If your home struggles to find a comfortable temperature during any season, and you’ve grown weary paying for expensive heating and cooling solutions, a geothermal heat pump may be the answer. A geothermal heat pump will remove the heat from your home in the summer and dispense it into the earth — while transferring the cool air from the ground into your home in the summer.

By purchasing a geothermal heat pump, you will finally find comfort in your home throughout the year. Whether it’s an extremely hot west coast summer or a subzero Montana winter, a geothermal heat pump never fails to meet a homeowner’s requirement.

While regular heat pumps utilize the outside air for its heat consumption, a geothermal heat pump depends upon a much more stable heat source — the earth.

How is the earth’s temperature more stable than the air?

However, if you were to dig about a shallow hole, then the temperature varies between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the year. However, if you were to dig more deeply into the earth, you’d discover that at this depth, the earth’s temperature remains consistent year-round.

Even at the depth of six feet below the surface, the temperature is far more temperate and cooler than many of the temperatures homeowner’s experience across the United States.

To better understand this principle, think of a basement, or even a cave. If you’ve ever been in a basement before, you most likely remember the distinct difference in temperature from the moment you opened the door to the basement. Or perhaps you’ve visited a local cave exhibit and found the environment quite cool and comfortable. The common link is that both are below the surface, impenetrable to the outside air.

However, while the underground temperatures are cooler than summer air, the underground temperatures are also warmer than winter air. Convenient, huh? Sounds vaguely like the conditions homeowners are seeking yet never finding for their own home.

Thus, we have the underlying point behind the benevolence of a geothermal heat pump!

Geothermal heat pumps:

* use 70% renewable energy from the ground
* lower your home energy costs by 30-40%
* require little to no maintenance
* are recommended by more than 95% of users

If you have been waiting for the “but” statement, or the “catch”, then you’ll have to keep on waiting. There are no real downsides to purchasing a geothermal pump because the energy being used is renewable and cost effective. Although a geothermal heat pump could potentially have a high installation fee, it does more than pays for itself, which no other heat pump can claim.

Facts regarding the geothermal heat pump were researched at the Consumer Energy Center.

To learn more about geothermal heat pumps, you should schedule a
Montana home energy audit and seek the advice of a Dr. Energy Saver energy expert. You can receive a free home energy audit in Missoula and begin your home’s journey toward energy efficiency and money savings.