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List As For Sale By Owner – Save Precious Money

Once you have decided to sell as For Sale By Owner buyers are there who look for such home listings. As For Sale By Owner you are in a position to negotiate with the buyer directly provided you don’t have to pay any fees to buyers agent. In this case negotiation starts with the buyers’ agent for the amount of commission they ask. With almost 90% of buyers search on internet for their kind of home and this is where for sale by owner benefits a lot. To buy a home, buyers use services of real estate agents and these agents have access to MLS who use to search an appropriate home for the buyer.

When you list your home in MLS as for sale by owner your property gets extra ordinary exposure which is viewed by hundreds of agents. You have the control on the listing and liberty to decide the price you want to sell that property. Benefits are enormous and savings are enough to let you go on a leisure trip with your family. It was believed that selling as for sale by owner and without any support of an agent was very tough. But this is not the case in this fact moving market where reach to buyers has become more comfortable then it was in the past. Obviously when there was no internet or very less use of internet selling as for sale by owner might be a tedious task as reach to potential buyer would be tough ask. But in this relatively fast world and excessive use of internet for almost all business selling as for sale by owner also have become relatively comfortable and easy.

If we talk about savings these are unbelievable and can be utilized for some other future needs. If we look at simple calculations below, you might be able to analyze the savings easily.

Suppose the home carries a price tag of $300,000 –

In traditional way of selling you might end up paying $18,000 in sales commissions to traditional broker.

If you use MLS to list as for sale by owner you pay flat fees to list in MLS + 2-3 % sales commissions which can be around $9000 that is negotiable too with the agent. So savings are enormous once you decide to go on your own as for sale by owner and list your property in MLS.

When you list as for sale by owner you have couple of MLS packages to choose from either you are listing for sale or for rent. If you list your property on sale as for sale by owner for mere $349 you get –

6 month term listing option
Listing in local Realtor site
Searchable Webpage with 25 photos & Exhibits
Extend to 1 yr-$100

And more benefits you get to list as for sale by owner. You already know that when you list as for sale by owner you are your own boss. The major benefit is you time your own schedule to let potential buyers visit your property and save you from extra stress. So you don’t need to wait further to receive a call from your agent to be at home or visit the property you want to sell. Reduce the stress and pressure with listing as for sale by owner and live a comfortable life.

For more info on listing in MLS as for sale by owner you can visit

Gone are the days when you were required to run pillar to post to sell your home. Listing as for sale by owner has solved this purpose with huge savings you make in sales commissions. I TM Jaffer writing this article keeping in view the benefits for sale by owner gets.

Written by Jim Shaan

Jim Shawn is a shrewd consumer who writes about personal finance and real estate topics like: for sale by owner, flat fee mls, flat fee realtor and discount realtor.For more visit

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