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Logo Coffee Cups Will Bring Out The Best In Your Advertising And Promotion Program

As companies and organizations work harder and harder to come up with ideas for advertising and fund raising, many tend to overlook the most simple idea right in front of their face every morning; a cup of coffee. Logo coffee cups put the name you want front and center in an enjoyable way to both you and your targeted group. Everyone drinks – everyday; coffee breaks, water breaks, traveling, sports – you can’t go anywhere and not see people drinking.

Coming up with advertising campaigns and new ideas of promoting can be very time consuming and frustrating. Many times you need to work with printers, designers and take time out of what should be spent on your business or organization. These usual routes also tend to be the most expensive. Newspaper ads, fliers – all can cost more than you might ever get back with their results.

While the decision to order is simple, the design of your cups will only be limited to your imagination. Any color background, with different colors of your slogan, mascot, name, and – of course – logos. Sports teams and schools have had great success with this idea using their school colors.

And they’re not just for coffee, you can find 2oz espresso cups, on up to 26 oz mugs for cappuccino or soup. They come in every color under the rainbow (and then some), and all shapes and sizes. There are travel cups, “shot” cups, tumblers, dainty tea cups, pottery mugs, bistro mugs, camper mugs… Well, you get the idea. Whatever your target market is, there’s a mug they’ll use, and use everyday.

As if these are not enough reasons, you can take all those choices and mix them up with the different materials they are available in, for practical purposes as well as fun. Stainless steel is good for traveling and camping mugs, plastic is great for the sports-minded and ceramic is still the popular choice with the traditional designs. These can all be used with either hot or cold drinks, so you won’t just be handing them out when it’s cold, but all year round.

Probably the best one can say about logo coffee cups is that the returns you get back from them are potentially never-ending. These are not just a one-shot gimmick that has an immediate impact, and then fades away; they serve a purpose that will always be needed and that people will never get tired of. What other advertising ploy can you think of that can say the same? Simplicity can be a very powerful tool.

Another great idea is to have some made with a more child-friendly theme – something bright, happy, or some new, cool twist of your slogan, even. Pair this with a more sophisticated approach for the parents, and you have yourself a win-win advertising tool that works for you, and makes your customers happy to think of your business or group.

So if you’ve been down the usual road of ads, brochures, fliers and sales events, and are still waiting for the returns, put your feet up, place your first order, and see what results logo coffee cups can bring to your bottom line.

Want to find out more about logo coffee cups, then visit Wealthwood’s Promotional site on how to choose the best promotional coffee cups for your needs.