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Low Income Individuals Can Still Get Help Paying Medicare Premiums

Seniors having difficulty covering expenses associated with health care such as Medicare premiums and other costs can get help from their state government. Many state-run programs cater specifically to low-income Medicare-eligible members. These programs can take care of a part of the member’s Medicare Part B premium, or cover all of it, and may even be able to pay for co-insurance and deductibles.

Seniors and the people who take care of them can obtain additional aid in covering the yearly deductibles, prescription co-payments, and monthly premiums required by Medicare Part D, or the program for prescription drugs. You may be eligible for the extra help if your resources and income are limited, although state rules and yearly regulation vary.

Retirees who qualify for this government aid need to have Part A hospital insurance, a limited income of less than $4,000 for single seniors and a combined income of $6,000 for elderly couples. You can check if you have Part A hospital insurance by inspecting your Medicare card – “Hospital (Part A)” on the lower left portion of the card means you are eligible.

If you’re covered by a Medicare plan and a Medicaid plan that allows the coverage of costs for prescription drugs, Supplemental Security Income and Medicare, or have your Medicare premiums taken care of by your state government, you’re automatically qualified for the aid and don’t have to apply for it.

Seniors with limited resources and means of income can obtain aid for Medicare Part B premiums, co-insurance payments, and deductibles, as well as the coverage for prescription drugs under Part You’re your Medicare plan. Call up your local Medicaid agency if you’re unsure of your eligibility. If you wish to know more about state aid for Medicare premiums, you can go online and browse through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid website.

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