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Mahogany Wood And Mahogany Wine Racks

In order to preserve the quality and condition of your wine collection, there are three important things that should be taken into account when it comes to storing your wines properly: maintaining the lighting system to a minimum, regulating temperature and humidity levels and keeping the cork moist at all times.

The latter can be achieved when you invest in a good quality wine racking system.

Wine racks are a convenient way of displaying and organizing your wine collection. Racks are efficiently designed to facilitate the proper orientation of your wine bottles.

Wines should be placed on theirs sides, as this allows the cork to be in constant contact with the wine which prevents it from drying out. Keeping the cork moist is important in the aging process because it prevents premature oxidation from taking place.

Wine racks are made from diverse materials, but the most popular choice in wine rack making is wood. Wood is a material that is fairly easy to work with and is easily procurable.

In addition, mahogany is known for its durability and strength. Only the most excellent wood species are used in wine rack construction. A primary example of this excellent wood variety is mahogany.

Mahogany is classified as a canopy tree from the genus Swietenia, and it primarily grows in the tropical rainforests of Central America, Africa, and in parts of Southeast Asia. Different subspecies of mahogany are produced in different locations.

This wood variety can reach a height of about 150 feet high and has trunks that are 6 feet in diameter.

Mahogany is the ideal wood choice in cabinetry and furniture because it has a thicker girth. It is an expensive wood material due to its superior quality and increasing rarity.

Mahogany wood turns into a deep reddish brown color as it matures over time. The beautiful glow of mahogany wood gives wine racks an elegant appeal that should provide your wine cellar a luxurious look.

Mahogany wood is invulnerable to warping and denting because of its notable uniform and even grain pattern. It is also naturally resistant to mold growth and insect infestation.

In addition, it is able to withstand rot and decay when frequently exposed to moisture.

Considering the overall strength and durability of this wood variety, it is safe to say that mahogany wine racks can certainly endure the cool and damp conditions of your wine cellar.

When it comes to wine rack construction, there are two known types of mahogany subspecies that are in demand: premium mahogany and amber blaze mahogany. Both are equally similar when it comes to quality.

Premium mahogany is the preferred wood choice for individuals who are on a budget. It is commonly grown in the southeastern part of Asia.

Premium mahogany is a thick hardwood that displays a consistent grain pattern. More expensive of the two subspecies is the amber blaze mahogany.

Its reddish brown glow is warmer than premium mahogany. Regardless of being stained or unstained, this variety of mahogany wood should provide a chic look to your racking system.

Mahogany wine racks have various styles and designs that should fit both your storage needs and design requirements.

Your choice of mahogany wine rack should depend on the number of wine bottles you intend to collect as well as the interior design of your wine cellar.

Bill Bridges is a wine storage expert and an avid fan of mahogany wine racks. He prefers wine racks made by Coastal Custom Wine Racks. Browse through these pages to learn more.