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Make a Squeeze Page Effectively – Top 7 Tips for You

If you are offering something online, may it be a product or a service and you want people to subscribe or avail of your services, you can do this by building a squeeze page for your business. A squeeze page otherwise known as a lead capture page is a web page that allows online readers to input their email address as a sign of willingness to subscribe to your services or offers and this is important for businesspersons to be able to build a list of people who are interested in their business.

If you are interested to learn how to make a squeeze page effectively, here are a few things that you might want to know or learn to be able to attain your purpose.

1. Make sure your lead capture page does capture the attention of your online visitor. This is one of very first things that you can do to make your reader stay on the page, read your offers and eventually sign up for your services. This may be in the form of a question that gets the attention of online readers.

2. Use fonts and colors that are not too glaring, nor to big or small for your online readers. These simple guidelines in making your lead capture page are important to get the attention of your readers and make them stay on your page and sign up. Do not add distractions to your purpose.

3. Write a good copy to convince your readers that what you are offering is important or valuable. When you can offer them a valuable information or service that they can find the need to sign up and avail of your services as well. Make an offer that is difficult for them to resist. This, indeed, is one way to make them stay on your page and sign up for your services.

4. Make an attention-catching headline. Your headline is your first front in getting customers attention. Learn how to write effective headlines and test them if they are effective enough to get customers.

5. Introduce what your readers can get in signing up for your services. Of course, online readers are after the benefits that they can get if they sign up for your services. Offer something that is free. Everyone loves to have something for free, so take advantage of this as well. Offer newsletters or free eBooks. You may also offer freebies and trial usage especially if you are providing software or a service.

6. Do not put your call to action at the bottom of your squeeze page. Keep in mind that you make a squeeze page for your online reader to sign up. To be able to make it easier for your online readers to sign up, then make your call to action visible at the start of your page. You can put it at the upper part of your sidebar, or right after you have given your reader the benefit of signing up.

7. Use videos in your squeeze page. This will make it easier for your online reader to know about your services rather than reading throughout the page.

If you want to learn how to make a squeeze page effectively, check out this Squeeze Page Software Package. Also check out Squeeze Page Generator, another resource to help you create squeeze pages easily.