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Make Ready Manager Now the Most Trusted Property Management Software on the Market

Professional property management requires a robust system that enables managers to take complete control over their internal processes. For companies without this type of software, the day-to-day running operations are often slowed down by cumbersome spreadsheets and whiteboards, which provide a limited overview for managers to follow. Now, however, one organization has released visionary property management software that provides managers with a versatile, supportive system for handling their entire suite of property management needs.

Make Ready Manager from Key Rental Solutions of Lafayette, IN, is the ideal software solution for property managers looking to streamline the make-ready process and ensure that their administrative duties are completed with ease.

Oftentimes, property managers have a short amount of time to ensure that apartments are ready for the next tenant. Within this time, all cleaning must be conducted and all financial duties must be met in order to ensure that the new apartment occupants are ready to begin living within the property. Make Ready Manager ensures that this process is completed quickly and with the maximum care paid to each small detail involved in making sure the property is ready.

This versatile property management software comes replete with a wide array of highly flexible features designed to meet the demands of the modern property manager. Within the program users will find for example the “Task Assignment” window. This part of the software enables property managers to control specific tasks related to the turn-over process and allows for a complete overview of all events taking place within each property in real-time.

Another great advantage to utilizing this property management software is that it can be utilized to track all maintenance work taking place in each of your apartments. This “Workers” window contains information related to all contractors and suppliers involved in the process and therefore enables property managers a quick avenue for scheduling further work and controlling current workflow.

The Make Ready Manager solution also includes a streamlined communication system. Within this system, managers are able to email and fax assignment to works and vendors so that everyone is working together in ensuring that property is in the ideal condition for the arrival of new tenants.

One of the leading reasons why so many people are now switching their administration capabilities over to the Make Ready Manager solution is that this product can be utilized across many different types of property. Whether managers are working with single family homes, commercial properties or apartments, Make Ready Manager is the requisite product to help streamline the turnover process.

Many managers may be worried about the potential downtime for their business while they get Make Ready Manager up and running within their organization. However, because the product is so easy to use and comes with step-by-step implementation instructions, it can be set up in less than an hour, even by those who have a limited technological understanding.

Make Ready Manager will help managers to consolidate their operational costs and provide a structured solution for every possible property turnover challenge. Contact the team at Key Rental Solutions today to find out his this product can accelerate your business processes.

About Make Ready Manager:

Created in 2005 by Tony and Monica O’Neil, Make Ready Manager is the ideal answer to your property management problems. For more information about this solution, please go to Makereadymanager.

Make Ready Manager is a product of Key Rental Solutions. It has been used by the O’Neils since 2005. Now, it is available to others searching to streamline their make-ready process. For more information, please visit