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Make Your Bathroom Sink a Conversation Piece

People who are used to traditional bathroom fixtures may never have heard of or seen anything about vessel sinks before. They can, however, be a great way to make bathrooms seem more exciting than the standard bowl sinks, which recede into countertops. This kind of sink is different from those standard sinks in several ways.

For starters, they are often constructed from glass or some kind of metal instead of the more traditional porcelain, marble or other similar substance. They also come in far more colors, and some even have swirling designs on them. This can have a really surprising effect on guests and visitors who’ve never seen this kind of fixture before. That’s right, they can make bathrooms into talking points.

The main reason vessel sinks stick out so much is not because of the material from which they are constructed, however. Instead, it’s because this kind of bathroom sink literally sticks out: instead of sinking into countertops, they stand above them. This is where the sink gets its name. Instead of a bowl built into the counter, this kind of sink looks more like a vessel that’s been placed on the countertop to hold water. This is also why these sinks are so popular. They provide an almost ancient atmosphere to the rooms in which they’re placed, as though the bathroom has been transported back in time to the time of the Greek Republic.

Although these sinks have been on the market for quite a while now, they are just starting to gain really widespread popularity. People like the fact that using this kind of sink in their bathroom or kitchen gives them so much more flexibility than the traditional bowl sink. For instance, the color and material of the sink can really make a difference. The sink can also be placed on a variety of different surfaces, which can change the effect from one of classical splendor to a sleek modern design, if that’s the desired effect. There are also audible consequences of the kind of material chosen. Stone sinks will be much quieter, but a musical element can be added to daily bathroom routines by choosing a thinner, more resonant material like metal or glass.

However, not everybody is in love with these sinks. Common complaints include that they’re an eyesore, that they use up valuable countertop space with their extruding bowls, or that they’re too high off the counter and thus awkward to use. Still, for people who have never seen one before and like the kind of aesthetic that they offer, vessel sinks can add a point of reference to any kitchen or bathroom.

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