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Making Money from Inter-Net Traffic, Affiliates, and Ads

After you design your website, obtain a domain name, and list it on the search engines, you should focus on developing the traffic. There are several ways in which you can target traffic to drive it to your website.

Affiliate Programs
One way is starting your own Affiliate Program. An Affiliate Program is a no-risk partnership with a company, which entails the promotion of that company’s products on your website. In return, you earn a percentage of their sales. When you sign up for an affiliate program, you are assigned a special “affiliate URL” that tracks all the visitors you send to a company’s web site and all the sales you generate. Each time someone you’ve referred makes a purchase you earn a commission.

Free Regular Updates
Giving the target users free regular updates on topics of their interest, is another way of driving traffic to your website. You can provide your visitors with professional articles written by the topmost online writers. Most of them allow you to publish their articles on your web site completely free of charge. You can use a service to locate quality articles on the internet available for free publication and turn them into HTML to publish on your website every week.

Search Engines
Pay-per-click search engines are also an effective means of getting high traffic. You can bid on the targeted keywords for as little as .001 per click and get the targeted traffic.

Plan Effective Advertising Strategies
After you build reasonable traffic, you must convert your visitors into customers who are willing to pay for your products or your advertisers’ products. To achieve this any advertising on your site must be closely related to the content that brought the prospective customers there in the first place. You can induce the traffic driven to your site to buy in the following ways.

1 Paid Advertising: Sell your ad space to advertisers who have products related to the content on your website. The rate of online advertising has reduced considerably. This results in the advertisers making modest payments for ad placements on websites, unless the websites are the most visited ones.

2 Third Party Ads: You can place third party ads on your website and earn revenues from them. A search engine matches the ads to your site by finding similarities in the keywords of each ad. Earnings depend on how much the advertisers are paying the search engine for the keywords and how many people click those ads on your site. You can earn anywhere between $0.03 and $15.00 per click and as much as several hundred dollars a day, if you have a well-optimized site that draws lots of targeted traffic.

3 Promote Affiliate Products: Recommend products of your affiliates. The affiliate ads on your website can appear in a variety of forms ranging from a standard banner ad to an article about the company with a link at the end. All the ads, affiliate or otherwise, on your website must be closely related to the content of your site. Only then can the search engines locate them and direct them to the target users.

The Fundamentals of Website Trafficking
It isn’t difficult to generate traffic for your website and to translate it into revenues, if you understand the fundamentals clearly. You must provide a website that entertains the prospective buyers and keywords that drive them to the site. Once they get to your site you must sell them on a product whether it is your product or the product of an affiliate.

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