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Marine Boat Insurance: What To Look For When Shopping For Policies

You moved to a new house on a lake or near a body of water, are loving the beach and swimming and all the other fun things that came along with the move. You wanted to further enhance your personal enjoyment and that of your family, too, so you decided to buy a watercraft. There were many types of vessels to choose from. It really doesn’t matter if you bought a sailboat, a yacht, fishing boat, jet ski or catamaran, all vessels designed for use on the water require marine boat insurance.

Just as you had a variety of choices when it came to the specific watercraft you were going to buy, there are a number of companies that offer boat insurance quotes. Naturally a person who bought a speed boat needs different coverage than someone who bought a pontoon. Someone who uses their boat once or twice a year will have different boat insurance rates than the person who may be a commercial waterman, going out every other day. The boat insurance quotes you received are really based on what you bought, how often you are going to use it, how many people will be using the watercraft, and other factors like the age of the operator and whether or not you have taken safety courses on operating the watercraft. Of course your personal boat insurance quote will vary depending on the company you choose to cover you, too, but even more important are the options you choose associated with the particular coverage level you want. Whether you buy general liability or comprehensive (full) coverage, you can add on different riders on top of these standard policies that fit your personal needs.

Companies that specialize in offering marine boat insurance will offer you the greatest flexibility in the additional options you can buy. Some of the common offerings are salvage/wreck removal which pays for your vessel to be moved and scrapped in the event of a total loss, injury protection to pay for your injuries or injuries sustained by anyone else while on your boat and loss of use reimbursement. You can even purchase investigative services riders which will pay for a detective to investigate incidents or accidents that occur. The more extra options you choose, the more expensive the total price of the boat insurance quotes you receive.

Did you know that marine boat insurance is required for all types of watercraft?

Make sure you read about how to get the best rates on marine boat insurance before you purchase a policy.