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Marketing to Existing Client

It is common knowledge that keeping your old customers is cheaper than trying to attract new customers, and your performance accountant certainly knows this. So why is it that we forget this when considering our marketing and advertising strategies? The fact is, if all of our efforts are focused on obtaining new clients, who’s marketing to our current clients?
There are some great, cost effective ways of marketing to our current clients in a non-invasive way. There are some rules though:

What Your Performance Accountant Should Help You Realize

Never over-contact your clients (once a month is sufficient, you don’t want to look desperate!)
Always think of the customer’s needs before contacting them and what will have the biggest impact (after all, you are providing them with a solution to their need)
Contact your #1 clients first and treat them like royalty (these customers are your priceless jewels; make sure they feel like it)

Put dates on special offers or promotions (this creates urgency in the eyes of the consumer and increases your chances of a quick sale)

Other Considerations for Your Performance Accountant
Do you put out a newsletter? If not, why not think about it?

Keep your business and logo in the mind of the customer
Allow you to promote products you supply that the customer may not have known about
Are inexpensive to create and distribute (whether by email or post)
Increase the credibility you have in your field making you look like an expert
Convey non-invasive information that can be viewed at the customer’s pace
Interesting well written and researched articles could lead to customers talking about it or passing it on to friends (for a marketer this is like winning the lotto!)

More Info You Can Get From Your Performance Accountant
Be warned! Never confuse your newsletter with a sales brochure or a letter. Don’t base your newsletter around how your business is performing or your business highlight of the month. Save that info for Christmas!

More than likely your clients don’t care and these approaches will annoy them and cause them to opt out or throw it in the bin. You can however add a simple ‘have you heard about our new product?’ or ‘this month’s product’ feature section so long as you keep it straightforward and light.

Above all, your newsletter should be fun, informative and always keep your customers’ interests in mind.. ask for tips from your performance accountant.

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