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Marketing To Safe lists For Your Home Business

Opt-ins and safe list are one of my favorite forms of advertising for a couple of different reasons. The first reason being that they do work if you use them correctly.

Another reason being that they are one of the cheapest forms of advertising you can use to market online. In fact most opt-in and safe list give you lifetime memberships for one low fee, meaning you can send out your emails on a daily basis – FOREVER!

There are a lot of benefits to using this method of marketing. To begin with you can send out emails on a daily basis without the worry of being accused of violating any spamming laws.

This form of marketing also takes only about 5 minutes a day to apply. The problem that many people face when using this type of marketing is they use it completely wrong.

Then when a person does not get results, they will say this form of marketing doesn’t work. It isn’t that this form of marketing doesn’t work, they just do not how to use it to get maximum results.

How Opt-Ins And Safe list Work

The way the opt-ins and safe list work, is you join an email list with other people that agree to receive messages regarding opportunities online. When you join one of these lists, you are also able to send out your email messages on a daily basis to this list.

Now when you join these lists, you will soon see that you receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis regarding other opportunities. This is where the key is to being successful with these types of lists.

You see everyone receives these emails that are members of the list. So millions of people see these emails on a daily basis just like you would when you are part of an opt-in list or safe list.

So how do you get your opportunity to stick out above all the rest of these other emails? The simple answer is by being creative.

Getting Results From Opt-Ins And Safe list

So now that you know how opt-ins and safe list work, the big question is how do you get results by using them. For the most part, most emails messages received with these type of lists normally get deleted before even being opened.

Only a few messages actually end up surviving in this type of marketing, and there is a reason that they do survive, it’s called BEING CREATIVE! Now here’s where just about everyone goes wrong when using this type of marketing.

They will create an email campaign to use, and if their campaign doesn’t get results they will still continue to send out the same email message. The bottom line is this.

If your email message you are using with these list did not pull in the results you wanted, then why would you continue sending out the same email message hoping to get a different result? It would just not make any sense to do this, yet this is exactly why people fail at this type of marketing.

If something doesn’t work, then you need to take some steps to change something otherwise nothing is going to change. So remember, you need to be creative with your emails and if you are, then the results you produce will be the benefit.

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