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Maximize Space in Older Bathrooms with Wooden Cabinets

In most older homes, space in the bathroom is at a premium. Oftentimes the size of a glorified closet themselves, there is little space for shelves, cabinets and storage. Modern homeowners must use creativity to find ways to store daily necessities in the bathroom without leaving everything out in the open, piled up for everyone to see. Not only does this compromise privacy, but it cause’s a cluttered appearance when guests visit. Using custom wooden cabinets in the bathroom can maximize the space that is there with the style and hominess provided by wood. These are just a few types that are available by custom design through an online manufacturer.

Sliding Door Cabinets
Sliding door cabinets can be used in the traditional sense of a medicine cabinet or can maximize unused spaces in a bathroom. For example, if someone is looking for a place to put their toilet brush and plunger without leaving it out on the floor, they may wish to put it near the toilet. Most older bathrooms have limited space between the toilet and the wall. There is seldom enough room to install a cabinet with a traditional swinging door. Using a sliding door allows for quick and easy access to a discreet storage place. Since they are custom designed, these items can be color coordinated to match existing decor or for all new pieces to match each other.

Medicine Chests
The traditional medicine chest protrudes from the wall. It has very narrow shelves that few items will fit on due to the larger size of products on the market these days. A custom-made wood medicine chest can replace the insufficient one with something more useable. It can be mounted in the wall instead of on the wall. There is often plenty of space between these cabinets and the wall to the next room behind it. By putting in new medicine chest, there will be more room for creams, bottles of aspirin, deodorant and even medication. Some models have mirrors; others do not.

Multi-Purpose Cabinets
Finding room for a tissue dispenser, toilet paper roll, bathroom magazine rack and a few shelves for knickknacks and necessities might take up more space than is available. Each one has a separate location, and each has trim and space around it. One way to solve this problem is to put them together, all in one location. Use a modular construction to create one square or rectangular area that has each element above the next. It appears neat and tidy, and prevents the person from having to turn around to different bathroom areas in cramped quarters.

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