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Medical Billing and Coding – What Is A Medical Insurance Specialist And What Is The Salary Range?

If you’ve been thinking about going into the medical billing and/or the medical coding field you may be interested in becoming a medical insurance specialist. A specialist is usually knowledgeable in both billing and coding procedures.

A medical billing and coding specialist such as a medical insurance specialist works closely with patients, insurance companies and office staff. They handle charges, submit claims, respond to inquiries from medical insurers and do all the follow up for payments that are overdue. They know claims processing and billing regulations. They know how to appeal claims that are rejected by a medical insurance company or claims medical insurers only partially pay.

The specialist also is responsible for getting pre-authorization for certain procedures and post treatment reports.

Medical billing specialists are familiar with all the health plans that are offered in their geographic area. They can read medical bills and know what the costs are for various procedures.

Duties include discussing the patient’s medical insurance coverage to determine what co pays may be due for a planned procedure, if any, or if the health insurance company or provider will pay all the costs. This is important so the patient will know what payment will be expected, if any.

The medical billing and coding specialist reviews charges, and submits claims to health insurance providers. It’s important that this is done correctly. The specialist also works with the billers to make sure that the statements for services are billed correctly. If it’s not done accurately it delays payment for the health care provider.

The specialist usually has good knowledge of medical coding although many times the forms will come to them already coded. This coding is standard and is used by all health insurance companies and medical billing services.

The medical insurance specialist makes sure that all the patient’s medical records are accurate and up-to-date.

Medical billing and coding specialists or medical insurance specialists work for doctors’ offices, billing services, hospitals, dentists, assisted living centers, skilled medical facilities, clinics, medical insurance companies and all types of medical and healthcare professionals and providers.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical insurance specialist or medical billing and coding specialist make sure to do plenty of research and find the best training for you whether online or on campus. Check out what the salary range is because it may vary depending on whether you’re working for a doctors’ office, billing service, insurance company or hospital. Starting out it could be anywhere from $10 to $40 an hour or more depending on experience, knowledge and training.

Make sure to check the online federal money and financial aid that’s available for online classes too and beware of scams. Don’t sign up for classes or courses that you don’t need.

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