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Medicare Insurance – What Is Covered By Medicare?

There are certain things that Medicare will and will not cover. In order to qualify for Medicare coverage, you must be 65 years old or older. Alternately, you can be younger if you are disabled and have documented proof that you are. All four parts of Medicare insurance help to cover the vast majority of medical needs that people may require. Transportation to the hospital by an ambulance is covered. Certain in-home care is also covered. Those who have to live in a nursing home are also covered by Medicare. Hospice care is also covered.

Many people choose home health care instead of having to go into a nursing home. There are advantages to having in-home health care. However, only certain types of home health care are covered by Medicare. If you need help getting around your home and taking care of yourself, such as cleaning, bathing and eating, Medicare will cover services that will help you do so. Transportation is also covered. Meals on Wheels is also paid for, if you need it. Medicare coverage even extends to medical care inside of your home, as long as it’s provided by a licensed health care provider.

Dental care is not normally included in Medicare coverage. The only exception is if your dental care is tied into another approved health care coverage. For example, if an infection in your mouth has been found to be the root cause of some disease that is covered by Medicare, then dental coverage will be paid for through Medicare insurance. Screenings for heart disease and rehabilitation relating to heart attacks and/or strokes are covered as well. Other preventative screenings are included as well, such as screening for cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer. It also covers tests for diabetes, but only if you are at risk for the disease. You may be eligible for up to two screenings a year for diabetes. If you’re discovered to have diabetes, you’ll be qualified for treatment, including visits to a nutritionist.

Equipment is also included under Medicare coverage, but only to a certain extent. You have to have a real reason to have the equipment before Medicare will pay for it. The reason must be documented by a doctor. Manual and electrical wheelchairs are also available to be paid for. Anything that can be proven to be necessary to your medical needs can be paid for by Medicare.

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