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Minisites Sells Like Crazy, Your Simple 12 Block Formula

A well constructed minisite with proven psychological formula turns into a red-hot cash machine.

Simple one page minisite sells thousands of dollars worth of products on autopilot, this is not a secret anymore.

But there is a particular process you need to follow.

It is just like a recipe, where you need to mix all required ingredients to make a delicious dish. Miss one and you will end up with something tasteless.

Similarly, apply all the required blocks to create a minisite and the results will follow, you will end up with a killer cash-machine.

Miss one and you will ruin the entire sales process, then wonder why isn’t your site making any money.

Well constructed minisites convert well upto 5% visitors into customers.

Lets calculate some numbers. Lets say your net profits per product you sell is just $20.

The conversion ratio of your minisite is 5%.

This simply means that out of every 100 visitors to your site 5 of them will purchase your product. That’s $100 net profits.

With these number out of every 100 visitors you will make $100 profits. This simply means that 1 visitor to your site makes you $1 net profit.

Now what you can do is pay 50 cents per visitor to pay per click search engines, various advertising campaigns and 100s of sites all around and get automatic traffic to your site 24/7.

Even if you pay 50 cents per visitor, you end up making 50 cents net profit per visitor.

And once all these sites start sending you 1000s of visitors, your minisite will convert into an automatic cash machine making you money 24/7, while you’re sleeping or moving around with your girl friend.

This is the power of a well constructed minisite. Here’s a simple formula that you can use to construct your minisites starting today…

Step 1 – Create an attention-grabbing header graphic. Graphics are something that locks your visitors eyeballs and pulls them into your minisites.

Step 2 – Write a killer headline and sub-headline that grabs your visitors attention. Focus on the single most important benefit of your product in your headline. You can also convey a serious problem that your visitors are facing right now.

Step 3 – Establish your credibility by sticking some testimonials from your satisfied customers.

Step 4 – Discuss the problem that your niche is facing right now.

Step 5 – Tell a story. Relate yourself with the problem so that your visitors can see themselves in YOU.

Step 6 – Now provide them an overview of the solution to their problem and how your product solves it.

Step 7 – Lay down benefits of your product in bulleted format.

Step 8 – Give free bonuses with your product. A bonus increases perceived value of the product.

Step 9 – Create a sense of urgency. This will force your visitors to order NOW.

Step 10 – Include your guarantee.

Step 11 – Ask your visitors to order now.

Step 12 – Don’t forget the P.S. Include your offers, benefits and guarantee in the P.S. and ask for the order.

Applying the above 12-step formula will guarantee the success of your minisite.

This 12-step system will clear all the psychological blocks of your website visitors that stops them to order your product.

Take this article seriously and get down to work, to construct unlimited cash-pulling automatic minisites that sells like crazy.

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