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MLM Opportunity – Sold Into The Business?

Think about this for a moment. When was the last time you were approached and you were sold to? It kinda depends right? If you had a bad day and don’t feel like talking to someone then your not going to be sold to on that day. It’s not to say you won’t be sold to on another day but that particular day your not going to be messed with.

So if timing is essential to sales then why do people like to shove their MLM opportunity down your throat at the very first meeting? Then maybe a better approach would be to get to know someone before you decide to give them your 1 min sales pitch. Your not going to get 100% closing but it sure will beat just blasting everything that moves with your 1 min speech.

You see this mistake all the time online. You join a social network or business network. You get an e-mail from a perfect stranger asking to be your friend. You accept because you want to grow your network and potentially get a MLM lead. They follow up right after that with a giant e-mail with their pitch for you to join their MLM downline. I don’ t know about you but I’m not buying or joining anything from anyone I don’t know. So how do I get to know them? How about commenting on their page, sending them network e-mails, then personal e-mails, then maybe pursue looking into giving your 1 min speech if they say they are interested in looking at your own business. Sure this might seem slower but the rate you close will be better. Why?

1) Validates that the person is actually there. What use is blasting e-mails to people who aren’t active.
2) You can judge if this person can carry on a conversation and handle themselves well.
3) You actually build a physical network link to someone that will talk to you. If they talk to you they are more willing to listen.
4) Maybe this person might not be the person who could be your next associate or customer but then again they could refer you to someone who might.

Be friends first then get a feel to how the situation is. Marketing multilevel businesses doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t slam their products if it’s crazy and just take a quick look at it to see if it’s something you could use. What comes around goes around. If you delete ever single e-mail that comes your way then how do you expect someone to read yours? Use this to your advantage and learn what is hot right now. MLM leads are everywhere if your looking in the right places.

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