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Monaco Boost For The Environment

Known the world over for her glamour and wealth, Monaco has been a premier world destination for years. Tourists looking for opulent holidays seek her crystal blue Mediterranean waters and luxury hotels. Famed for the renowned Formula One Car Racing Grand Prix, exceptional scenery, fine hotels, and tax cuts for the wealthy Monaco has long attracted the rich and famous.

Elegance and flair attracts visitors from all walks of life. Holidaymakers can take pleasure in the delightful mixture of chic city living and first class beaches.

Monaco’s Culture

Various cultural events await each tourist. Opera, ballet, art museums and concerts at places such as the Grimaldi Forum and Monte Carlo are just a few of the must-see cultural events. An abundance of cafes, indoor and outdoor dining, casinos, bars, and clubs can be found.

Five million travelers visit Monaco each year. Not only the wealthy, but the budget minded also seek beach front, all-inclusive hotels and carefree time alongside the world’s chic and cultured.

Affordable Holiday Packages

The recent world economic decline has taken its toll on Monaco. It has currently set its aim toward budget conscious travelers. Currently hotels are promoting $500 packages to appeal to a wider audience of cost aware patrons.

Day trips to Monaco from France and Italy are currently being promoted. Visitors can take a speedy holiday to Monaco from France or Italy for around $100. One can visit art museums, the Eze Village, as well as take a city tour of Monte Carlo in a day.

The wealthy will still be able to enjoy the casinos, luxury yachts, and all inclusive hotels. The fact that Monaco is a tax haven can be an asset to both the wealthy and the budget traveller.

Monaco Foundation for the Environment

Prince Albert II of Monaco has recently announced the establishment of the “Monaco Foundation for the Environment.” In other words, Monaco is set to go green. Elevators and escalators are being built into mountainsides to promote walking and reduce traffic. This is a valuable advantage to the day tripper and the budget traveller alike.

Prince Albert said, “Monaco may not be the biggest country in the world, but I am determined to show it can be among the most innovative in its approaches to environment.” This newly found desire to be environmentally aware illustrates Monaco’s resolve to cost effectiveness.

Monaco will always be a first class European country. Offering world class hotels for multi-millionaires, it sits well with the jet set life.

Whether you’re searching for upscale fair or a cost friendly journey, Monaco is ready to offer something spectacular to all. An intriguing array of shops, restaurants, day and night life abound in Monaco.

Day trippers or those on a seven night trip can find a plethora of magnificence in the Mediterranean masterpiece that is Monaco. Being eco-friendly, cost effective and luxurious is the overall goal as people become more environmentally conscious when taking their holidays.

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