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More Than Atlanta Braves Tickets At Turner Field

Turner Field lies across the street from the Atlanta Braves’ previous stadium, Atlanta-Fulton County. But while it is home to the Braves, there is more to this venue than meets the eye. The stadium was originally intended for the 1996 Summer Olympics, built as Centennial Olympic Stadium. In hopes that it wouldn’t be laid to waste, the north end of the stadium was removed in order to convert it into a baseball park. It has been the home of the Braves since 1997, following the multimillion dollar renovations.

With Atlanta Braves tickets in hand, most customers are prepared to just watch a baseball game. But the money you spend can go to more than just watching a game. According to the official website for the Braves, there are over 100 things to do while at the park. Some are fun little activities to enhance your enjoyment, such as have a message displayed on the LED Ribbon Boards or sample the gluten-free stand in Aisle 106. Others will rev up fans before the game. Get there early and watch the team warm up or view batting practice from the warning track.

One of the best spots any Braves fan should check out is the Museum and Hall of Fame. Within the museum are over 600 artifacts and photographs from your favorite team. Did you know the team began in Boston in the late 1800s and moved to Milwaukee from 1953-1965? Originally known as the Red Stockings, Beaneaters, and nearly a dozen more names, the Braves had 10 different Boston jerseys which are all on display. The Braves only became the Atlanta Braves in 1966, which is where we hope they’ll remain. Other exhibits in the museum include the Leaderboard, Braves in Cooperstown, and the Transformation of Turner Field. Take a walk around the museum during the 7th inning stretch and get to know the history of the team.

Don’t have any Braves tickets? Feel free to visit the field when a game is not occurring and take a tour of the entire stadium. Guided tours are offered all year. The tour begins in the Museum and Hall of Fame and from there visits Sky Field, the Broadcast Booth, the Clubhouse, and even the dugout. No reservations are needed for groups smaller than 20 and tours are given at the top of the hour. It is a delightful way to spend an afternoon and a must for school trips in the Atlanta area!

With or without Braves tickets, Turner Field is an exciting place to spend an afternoon, Grab a hotdog, put on your baseball cap, and cheer the Braves to victory. With the baseball season nearing the end, now is the opportune time for Atlanta Braves tickets and a day at Turner Field.

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