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More Twitter Safety Tips

Twitter has quickly become a popular medium for these looking for a fast and fun way to communicate with their friends and family. For many people, Twitter is nothing more than a place to post funny stories or the latest news. Unfortunately, there are those who actively seek to exploit the information they find on Twitter. For those who don’t learn important Twitter Safety Tips and practice them on a regular basis, disaster may soon appear on the horizon.

This disaster is more than an unfriendly posting or ‘hack.’ There are people that regularly troll the internet looking for various types of information. Social media sites often provide these people with information that ranges from physical addresses to social security numbers. Being safe on the internet isn’t about protecting your computer from a virus – it is also about protecting your identity and in some cases your safety. Twitter safety tips can help you create a safe and fun environment with worry.

1. Just because it is on the internet you do not have to believe it: Not everything posted on the internet is true. From friends that get ‘creative’ with status updates to spam emails, learn to detect what is true and won’t isn’t.

2. Carefully edit your profile – Make sure your profile or public information doesn’t contain too much personal information, addresses, phone numbers and more are commonly put into profiles, in theory to allow friends and family access to the information. It also gives it to other, less scrupulous people.

3. Don’t advertise your locations – Tweeting every part of your day can be fun, but those who Tweet when they are leaving home or how long they will be gone are inviting trouble. Don’t believe me? Check out the

4. Security Settings – Twitter, like all social media sites, comes loaded with various security settings. Be sure to regularly check these settings to ensure proper security for your information. Unless you are representing a product or service, there is no need to make your privet information public, so use the appropriate security settings.

5. Control the followers – Tweets can be retweeted and end up all over the internet. Use security measures and common sense to ensure that yours don’t. It is possible to restrict retweeting and sometimes even advisable. Always remember that what you put out there is out there for good so be careful what you post.

Twitter safety tips can allow you to have a safe time Tweeting. They can protect your personal information and even your physical property. Being aware of what you say when you Tweet as well as the public information that you post about yourself is the first step towards being safe online.

Twitter safety tips are a much needed component of anyone’s social media strategy. Whether you are a business owner or a private citizen, being safe should take priority. Always remember to practice safe surfing in addition to safe Tweeting.

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