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Mykonos Villas

Mykonos, one of the many small Greek islands, has a vast array of beautifully designed and cosy villas. A villa was originally an ancient Roman upper class country house. Today, a villa is often a vacation rental property. Mykonos, nicknamed ‘The Island of Winds’ is perfect for a short vacation, having long summers and mild winters. It’s economy is based on tourism too, so there’s a lot of things for visitors to see and explore. You can rent a villa in Mykonos for a broad range of prices, from £50 per night to £500 pounds a night. The price depends on where the villa is, the view it overlooks, the amenities which are available, how long you’ll be staying for and how many people you will be staying with during your vacation. Villas in Mykonos are well known for their beautiful architecture as well as their breathtaking views.

Here is a run down of some of the best Mykonos villas around.

Villa Orpheus

This villa is named after the ancient Greek prophet and poet Orpheus, who followed his beloved into Hades. Villa Orpheus, true to the name, is perfect for couples, being high on a hill in the secluded district of Kanalia, a short walk from Mykonos Town. There is a luxury pool which overlooks the island of Delos, a site of archeological and mythological importance because of the ancient ruins, temples and arenas. There is also a bar open to patrons of the villa stocked with a wide range of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits, as well as a top of the range sound system for listening to music. The exterior architecture of the villa is stone white, as is most of the architecture of Mykonos, making use of the high quality white clay which the island has in abundance. The building has rounded corners, giving it a modern and sophisticated look. The villa sleeps up to 10 and is available for hire from May to October.

Villa Grace

Villa Grace, which is right next to the south coast, is two villas in one, part of a four house compound. The property is built with a mixture of white clay and grey granite into a collection of cuboid sections, giving the villa a cubist architectural style. It also has a pool which is infinity edged. The contemporary interior design includes a suspended staircase and terraced grounds, which means that it isn’t safe for children. If you’re a family with young children, this isn’t the villa for you. But the price of the stay does include full maid service and a concierge who can show you around the villa as well as the attractions in the local villages. Mykonos has a booming nightclub scene as well as many areas of cultural interest, from 50 or so small churches to several cultural and maritime museums, so having someone who’s lived there all their life can come in handy if it’s your first time visiting the island. The villa also has lots of outdoor space if you enjoy relaxing in the sun and dining al fresco.

Mykonos AK

This villa is unusual in that it is the most secluded you can get. It is in the biggest town of the island Mykonos. The town is also called Mykonos, though it is sometimes referred to as Chora which is Greek for ‘The Town’. The villa is quiet and remote, and can only be reached by scaling a dirt track. This is a perfect villa to get away from it all and enjoy a stunning view of the sapphire blue Mediterranean sea. The villa also has access to several  beautiful small beaches near the south coast. This villa would be ideal for someone who likes to relax on a vacation and who enjoys the beauty of nature. The villa is decorated with traditional Mexican and Greek furnishings, as well as vines and plans on the outside. The building itself is coloured with a mixture of white and pastel blue. There is a cook on site and concierge services are available. The villa sleeps up to 9 people, and rates differ based on application and the time of the year.

Villa Ano Mera

This is a getaway with a rich and interesting history. The villa was built in 1906, making it more than a century old. The architecture is in a traditional gothic style, though it is painted with bright green and blue colours. It has large, well maintained gardens filled with several different kinds of trees and foliage, a rarity for the island which is sparsely adorned with vegetation due to its arid climate. Villa Ano Mera, named after the town in which it resides, is secluded and tranquil, far away from the vibrant and raucous nightclub dance scene. The villa has recently been renovated with new furnishings and paint, so staying there is really like going back in time to a simpler age. The traditional lights and furniture give you a sense of what Greece in the early 20th century was like. The villa comes with a live-in maid and the opportunity to be catered for by a professional chef.

Villa Infinity

A more modern villa, Infinity is lavishly decorated with Italian and French antiques. It sits next to the Agrari Bay on the south coast, where looking over the calm sea water can give you a sense of infinity. It has heavy oak doors and wide floorboards, giving a sense of age and permanence. It has a vine covered terrace as well as a typically Greek stone barbecue, perfect for grilling fish you’ve recently caught and watching the Sun go down. There are brilliant sea and garden views, as well as a swimming pool. The garden has a stylish array of rocks and cacti. Much of the villa is spacious and open plan, making it perfect for hosting guests or even conferences. It’s one of the largest properties on Mykonos island and can sleep 10 people.

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Mykonos Estates is one of the most experienced agencies in the field of residence in the most famous and touristic Greek islands of the Aegean, Mykonos. From modern villas with breathtaking view and every accommodating facility possibly needed, to other more traditional choices, our agency has the experience and professionalism needed to cover your needs and offer you the best solution to totally satisfy you.

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