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Natural Stamina For Body And Mind – No Wonder Bee Bread May Also Be Called Ambrosia

If you’re trying to find the optimum kind of natural energy for body and mind, then I have some really good news for you. You can acquire all the energy you need from bee pollen. That’s correct, bee pollen, or more appropriately, bee bread, is not merely a magnificent source of natural energy, but it’s also jam packed full of goodness, and when I say “packed full” I certainly do mean FULL.

Despite the fact that no person has actually tried to survive on pollen alone, theoretically it is possible simply because it possesses every single nutrient our bodies have to have. For the most part, the typical sample of honey bee pollen is 55% carbohydrates and 35% protein, which oddly enough implies it is actually a better source of protein than meats.

Whilst protein and carbohydrates constitute around 90%, the outstanding 10% contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, and and so on and so forth. Lots of people have asked me if the bee pollen you can obtain in health food stores is identical to typical pollen one gets on flowers in the garden. While it’s true that bees acquire pollen from blooms and transfer it back to their hives, the pollen you get in the shops is first processed, but the beauty is, it’s processed by the bees instead of by man.

Essentially, worker bees ferry the pollen back to the hive then hand over their cargo to other worker bees, who then consequently pack it into cells. During this process, the pollen is blended with nectar and enzymes, along with fungi, bacteria, and a number of micro organisms, which all act together to convert the raw pollen into what’s known as bee bread, and it’s this bee bread that one obtains in the stores.

As you can see, those bees may be very small, nevertheless they put in a hard day’s work. To illustrate, they don’t merely add just about any old fungi and bacteria. Instead, they can add up to 188 various kinds of fungi, and as many as 30 types of bacteria, all of which are important for changing the pollen into bread. The bread is not surprisingly what keeps the entire colony fed, and let’s face it; honey bees most certainly don’t lack energy.

Bee pollen is certainly popular for its energy enhancing properties, especially among sports persons, who regularly used to make use of it soon before a sporting event. While it remains to be widely used nowadays, lots of bodybuilders and athletes never the less are becoming more and more dependent upon modern energy drinks, some of which are only barely acceptable. There is however no denying the point that bee pollen, or bee bread if you like, is the optimum natural power for body and mind, and it’s a lot more to boot.

V K Rajagopalan is a solid advocate of all-natural health solutions. If you need to read more about natural bee pollen, and why it’s believed to be superlative natural stamina for body and mind, kindly visit his site at