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Negotiating Successful Cellular Tower Leases

There are real estate asset management companies that assist in negotiations for cellular tower leases who act as liasons for cell phone companies and are also there to help guide land owners through the terms of their lease as well. Cell phone companies often contact land owners about leasing part of their land for the erection of cell phone towers for a rental payment. Professionals are available to bridge the gap between these wireless carrier companies and land owners. When a cell phone company finds a location that would be a prime place for a tower, they will need to get the permission from the person who owns that land and enter into a contract to pay that land owner to use it.

Although it may sound easy, there are many complicated stipulations that are involved in making a situation as beneficial as possible for both the cell phone company and for the land owner.

Companies who are most successful negotiating cellular tower leases should help both sides of the negotiation table, the land owners and the wireless phone companies. Finding a balance between wireless carriers being able to maximize operating efficiency and land owners being able to secure the income from the leases is facilitated by these liason companies. They need to be able to ensure good relationships with land owners by offering them security, education and trust. If you have been approached by a cell phone company about erecting a tower on your property, you will need a liason company, a real estate asset management company, to help you figure out all of the stipulations that should be included in your cellular tower leases with these cell phone companies.

When there are millions of dollars at stake transferring from cell phone companies to land owners across the United States every year, real estate asset management companies are responsible for helping to make sure that benefits are maxed out for both the land owner and the wireless company. Their programs provide financial security to land owners with guarantees of all values. Although volatility of cell site leasing is at its peak, they provide the means to secure the value of cellular tower leases. Land owners are able to secure these funds and use lease prepayments for all kinds of personal needs, whether it be to finance business enterprises, pay bills or to save for retirement. For more information about cellular tower leases and real estate asset management companies, look no further than the Internet.

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