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New Job Not Working Out? . . . Now What?

Sometimes it happens. The thrill of finding a new job is past. You’re onboard now. But it’s just not what you thought. It doesn’t match your expectations . . . you’re disappointed . . . maybe even depressed. So, what do you do now?

Anytime you come into a new situation–on or off the job–there’s a period of adjustment. It’s never everything you imagined. This is true of life. If you’re aware of the psychology of new situations you’re not surprised. And you know that, given a little time, things will smooth out.

But what if it doesn’t. What if the first couple months have not changed your perceptions? Increasingly you’re coming to realize you may have made a mistake. Here are some steps to take so you don’t make a bigger mistake and act too hastily.

1. Schedule a meeting with your boss. Do not come in with a list of grievances or issues. Rather look for feedback. Ask, “How am I doing?” You may get positive reinforcement that dispels your concerns. On the other hand you may validate your concern and you find out that things will only get worse.

2. Formulate a plan of action for improving your situation. Are there things you could ask your employer that will make things better for you? You’ll get a helpful response if you come to the table with practical ideas. Remember, conscientious employers don’t gain anything by losing you.

3. If you’re at the point where you wake up on Monday morning sick to your stomach because you have to go to work, then it’s time to plan your exit. First, look to see if a transfer to a job in a different part of the company is possible. If not put a sensible plan in place for making your move. Do not quit your job till you have something to move to. Do not burn your bridges at your current job.

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