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New Trends In Trade Show Exhibits

Classic trade show exhibits have their place, but most standout booths are the ones that capitalize upon new I&D ideas to make a big splash. If you are looking to invest in a new booth or are wondering what new technologies exist, learning about them will help enrich your marketing strategies.

Streamlined Trade Show Exhibits

One of the most common trends is the idea of streamlining every aspect of the display. This is a benefit for two reasons. First, it looks neater to your visitors. They will feel less crowded, and they’ll get an overall lighter feeling from your display. It’s also a benefit to you because a streamlined booth is generally a lighter booth physically as well as visually. It’s less difficult to lift, easier to handle, and can sometimes be transported without outside assistance.

Collapsible Displays

In some ways, the collapsible display is an offshoot of the I&D trend toward streamlining. The idea behind a collapsible display is that you can literally take it with you after the event because it’s so compact. At the moment, the top I&D talent has developed it into a system mostly useful for smaller displays, rather than full trade show exhibits. However, modular units are commonly able to be collapsible, as are some wall type units and certain booth structures. If a highly mobile structure is important to you, explore offerings from the better I&D companies and see what is available in the size you want.

Integrated Technology

Traditional trade show exhibits were basically text printed on some kind of material suspended in some way on a frame. Today’s booths are much more. Everything from TVs to projector screens and more can be placed on or in the displays, and computers can easily be hooked up as well. Today’s displays have integrated technology, making them powerful tools for a globalized world. The technology is informative, allows for more facts to be presented to your viewers, and offers new possibilities for simulations and product demonstrations. In addition, it’s an excellent wow factor. So much of I&D is about attracting viewers to your booth; adding technology is possibly the best tactic on the market for doing just that.

LED Lighting For Illumination And Effect

LED lights have become a fixture in many areas of life, and the trade show exhibits are no exception. LED lights are being used for two main purposes. First, they are used as pure illumination for the display. They can replace traditional spotlights, and typically have a longer burning time and more flexibility of color. Alternatively, they can also be used as a part of the display itself. LEDs are known for being able to change color, making them a flexible element even after installation. Many trade show exhibits are now featuring them within the display and change them to help attract the viewer’s eye.

Enhanced Integrated I&D Features

In addition to structural advancements and new components, modern I&D has produced some interesting features which add to the overall look and feel of the display. For instance, trade show exhibits can now be organically backlit, providing a soft illumination that makes words seem more pronounced while making the overall ambiance more welcoming. These features are constantly developing and can really shine used in combination with the other advancements. The right design can produce an advanced booth that is more durable, more flexible, and more exciting than the old trade show exhibits.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a top designer of trade show exhibits. Orlando companies benefit from the durability and innovation that characterize the Orlando I&D trade show products from Skyline.