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Newbie Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is very important when coming to ranking a website. If your site is not optimized, the search engine will be reluctant to rank it. In order to get your website ranked for the targeted keyword, it must have backlinks. The backlinks are counted as votes against your website. The more backlinks your site has, the higher the search engine will rank it in the search result. Having a lot of backlinks means your site is highly recommended by the audience.
You will notice that popular site that ranks on the first page usually have high pagerank. The pagerank determines the importance of a page to the audience. It can take a while for a website to get pagerank. If you want to have pagerank, your site must have backlinks. The pagerank is not the most important factor that rank a site. Without a pagerank, a site is still able to achieve the top position in the search result. There are many factors that determine the ranking of a website. To ensure you achieve a high ranking position, you must build the backlink slowly. The backlinks cannot be built in a short time. If too many backlinks are obtained in a short time, the search engine will deindex your website.
Many novice webmasters who never learn from their mistakes keep on trying to get a lot of backlinks to their sites. They though getting a few thousands backlinks can help them to rank on the number one position for the keywords. They also buy links that are published in blog networks to increase the number of backlinks rapidly. The search engine will penalize sites that experience a sudden increase in backlinks because the link building process is not carried out naturally. If you spread the link building process for a few months, you will see that your site do well in the SERP ranking.
If you want to learn about search engine optimization, you should do research on the internet. There are many blogs that offer SEO tips. You can read through the blog posts about SEO optimization. After you have read the blog posts, you should implement the SEO techniques on your website. In order to succeed, you have to try all kinds of SEO tactics. In the beginning, it may seem hard to rank your website. As you try each SEO optimization technique, you will know which one yield the most effective result. Different people have different experiences. You should not rely on their experience and make the final judgment. You should not give up if a SEO optimization technique doesn’t work.
Every new site must wait for at least 6 months – 1 year to rank on the search result. Because your site is new, it won’t rank for the competitive keywords. During this period, you can spend time increasing the backlinks to your site. The backlinks should be acquired through a slow process. It cannot be obtained in a short period of time. If you try to obtain the 1000 backlinks in 1 day, all your backlinks will be worthless.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service.