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Newsletters: Keep Clients Informed with Corporate Newsletters

Want to keep clients informed as well as be on the top of their minds? A newsletter can help improve your corporate identity by strengthening bonds with existing clients, generating new interest, and maintaining a professional and competitive edge. While business cards may merely get lost in the paperwork shuffle, a regularly sent electronic or print newsletter will ensure that your corporation stays on the tops of the information pile. Here are some of the many ways that a bulletin can give your corporate identity a boost.

Stay Fresh

Newsletters keep your business or corporation fresh in the minds of existing and potential clients. If you don’t remind people of your existence every so often they may very well forget about you. By staying fresh in people’s minds, you’re staying competitive and helping to ensure that clients will call you first when they need your services. If your information is often readily available, they will reach for it first.

Open Communication

Need to advertise new services, products, or policies? A newsletter allows communication to flow freely and regularly to your clients that may need and want to know about changes to your corporation. You are also providing them with easy access to your contact information. It can also be used to answer frequently asked questions or even address complaints or other issues that may be driving good clients away.

Look Sharp

A newsletter communicates a professional, organized, and forward-thinking corporation. By maintaining close ties with clients and colleagues you will stand out among the pack. Informative, interesting, and practical newsletters can garner respect as well as more business.

Long-Term Relationships

Corporations who build long-term relationships with clients are often better esteemed by the public and create repeat business. By sending out regular newsletters you are effectively communicating to clients that you want them to return to your services again and again and that they are valued. Keeping clients informed helps your corporation begin to create these long-standing ties that will reap you great benefits over the years.


Newsletters, whether print or electronic, offer clients an easy way to provide your corporation with instant and helpful feedback. You can simply offer customer feedback forms or even conduct specific surveys which can help you create valuable changes to your corporate structure.

Word of Mouth

The best (and cheapest) form of advertising is word of mouth, but you have to get their lips moving first. A newsletter can generate discussions among clients as well as help spread the word to others if you choose to use contact lists or hand them out at conventions and trade shows. Newsletters are often a gateway to opening this effective form of advertising.

Boost Marketing

Newsletters don’t only inform, but they can help greatly increase your marketing tactics by gathering more client feedback and demographics. You can track the success of creating new clients, where they came from, and how they received information about your business.

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