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Office Chairs and Your Options

Being in the office business, you should expect to pay around 250 – 350 dollars for a good office chair. Even though top of the line chairs can cost thousands of dollars, they usually aren’t more comfortable than a 300 dollar chair. Instead of paying thousands for the chair, you’re normally paying thousands for the brand name instead.

For those on a budget who don’t want to spend a lot of money on office chairs, less expensive chairs are available for around 100 dollars per model. Global and Wallace are among the best in this venue.

If you’re tired of the average office chair and find yourself experiencing chronic back pain, an exercise ball chair may be the chair you’ve been looking for. Some varieties can be very cramped and hard on the back; which is where ball chairs can really help you out.

Ball chairs are the new and alternative solutions to traditional office chairs. They are even a bit exciting, different, and provide your back with plenty of support while you sit, almost making you free from any of your back problems. Using an exercise ball as a chair is an excellent way to maintain the correct posture when sitting.

When choosing the right ball chair for your needs, here are some tips to help you:

– The size of the chair should keep your feet on the floor while you sit, with your arms resting comfortably on the desk. When you sit on the ball chair, you should keep your legs forming a 90 degree angle at the knees. Any more or any less will mean that the chair isn’t right for you.

– Your weight is a very important factor when choosing this type of chair. If your weight compresses the chair and flattens it, you need to get a bigger ball chair. If you happen to be very light in weight, you can under-inflate.

Ball chairs will keep your back and abdominal muscles active because of the slight bouncing it provides. Therefore, you can maintain proper posture, which helps to prevent back problems. Even though these are great alternatives to a standard office chair, you should consult a doctor before you purchase one. If you’ve had any back problems or surgeries, you want to get a doctor’s advice before you make that final purchase.

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