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Office Furniture – 3 Tips For Choosing Furniture For Your Home Office

Designing your home office can be both fun and profitable. The right home office furniture can make your working environment enjoyable and productive.

It can actually help you get more work done (which for many people who own their own business translates into more money in the bank!)

And if you have clients into your home office, the right furniture can help set the atmosphere for successful, profitable business meetings.

In order to design the best home office for you, here are 3 things to ask yourself before you go shopping for office furniture:

#1 What Kind of Environment Do You Want to Work In?

Believe it or not, different environments affect each person in various ways – for the positive and the negative. This is your chance to ask yourself what kind of environment would you enjoy working in.

Do you want a massive oak desk the projects the feeling of stability and success? Do you want a clean, contemporary look that makes you feel hip and energized?

Do you want books stored away in clean, frosted-glass cabinets or out in the open in antique looking shelves? Do you want an overstuffed, distressed leather chair that speaks of old-fashioned elegance?

Whatever you want to do, choose office furniture that fits your style and makes you feel productive and excited about sitting down to start your day.

#2 What Kind of Statement Do You Want To Make About Your Business?

This is more for those who have clients into their home office. Impressions – especially first ones – are crucial to how people see you and your business.

You definitely want to project an air of success and competence. However this will look different depending on your business and the type of ideal client you have.

For example, if your clients tend to be young, hip, 20-somethings, you might want a modern, clean, up-to-date look. If your clients are older, well-to-do gentlemen, you’ll want a more classic, elegant, rich look.

Choosing the right furniture to project the proper message for your business can mean more clients, more successful meetings and ultimately more money in your pocket.

#3 What Kind of Pieces Will Help You Be Most Productive?

Most people don’t actually think about this when shopping for home office furniture. But it can actually make a huge difference in your productivity.

For example, I had a standard office chair in my office for years. I eventually developed lower back problems, which meant I could only work for so long and then had to take a break – a very LONG break. I definitely didn’t get a much work done as I could.

Then I got the a specially designed office chair which actually adapts to the curvature of my spine and helps to improve blood flow when I sit. What a difference. I can now work pain-free for longer hours in blissful comfort.

Maybe for you, a large L-shaped desk that has a lot of room to work will help you be more productive (you’re not spending hours looking for that report you filed 2 weeks ago or those papers you needed to sign). Maybe you prefer a desk with lots of drawers and filing cabinets so you can keep organized and tidy.

Think about what you personally need in an office to be more productive. Then get the right furniture to fill those needs.

So those are 3 tips on choosing furniture and designing a home office the fits your needs. A home office can be a comfortable and productive environment that takes your business to the next level. Take your time, look around and enjoy designing the home office of your dreams!

Kate Fox writes for Furniture Stores Online a site showing you where you can find great furniture deals for less.

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