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Online Viral Marketing: Is Your Business Worthy?

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
-W. Clement Stone.

Viral marketing works on the premise that your service or product is popular enough to advance through a word-of-mouth process. Whether this gets done in the real word by physical means, or whether it is done online, the method is usually the same. Viral marketing happens when word of your business or product is able to move through a “grapevine” without you having to do any paid or “free” advertising to spread the word about its benefits.

The word spreads more quickly from person-to-person-to-person when it is done via the internet. This happens quite frequently when your clients find worthy benefits from using your products or services and tells the “world” about them. Using the internet is one way of getting the word spread out to a global market. One email message sent to thousands upon thousands of people at a time with just one click of a button is awesome. Now the internet is the newest and quickest way to introduce viral marketing about up your business products and services.

The internet has many, many sites and forums available for posting new ideas and services. A new product can become enormously popular when endorsed by others who spread the word on your behalf. When you offer freebies that can be immediately downloaded online, like a special report or an ebook, give them permission to forward your ebook or report to others. Make sure it is of value or has quality content so they will want to forward it to others and they forward to others and on and on. In the ebook or special report your business resource information stays intact and gets passed around.

When someone voices their opinion, whether it is positive or negative, about a product, business, or service to others, and they pass it along to others, that is an endorsement and viral marketing in action. This happens all the time with a movie. One person goes to see it, tells another about it, they go to see, and tells more people about it, the word gets spread around and builds the popularity of the movie resulting in more ticket sales.

The important goal of viral marketing is to promote your idea, business, product or service over and over until it reaches thousands of people. The same with any free samples you offer. Set a goal and do it over and over again with a free quality sample until it reaches a maximum number of people. Then offer a second item to sell to those same persons. If a small percentage of the ones who liked the free sample purchases the second item, you will have a good number of sales from the free endorsement.

This method is done often by businesses both on the internet and offline with retail businesses. Even though this form of marketing takes a bit of effort, it can work wonders when you introduce your new ideas and products to the public. Is your business, idea, service or product worthy of the test?

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