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Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter – How to Make it Great

So you’re seeking a pharmaceutical sales position, well, that is wonderful. Pharmaceutical sales is a great field and is wide open to outstanding sales people like you. However, you must keep in mind that competition is fierce but if you have what it takes you can and will succeed. The key to succeeding however is getting hired and in order to get hired, you’ve got to stand out from the other applicants. Well, a great sales cover letter will help you do just that.

After all, a cover letter is the first thing your potential employer will see. In fact, potential employers often review it before they even see your résumé. Many times they’ll simply review the cover and if it is lacking, they’ll simply trash it along with your resume. So, to keep this from happening, you need to create a great cover letter that avoids the trash and gets you noticed.

If you’re like most applicants however, you have no idea how to go about creating a great sales cover letter. Well, we can help. You see, we know all about creating great cover letters and will help you succeed in your cover letter writing quest. In this article, we’ll help you avoid the general mistakes that novice (and unemployed) cover letter writer make. We’ll teach you how to create an outstanding cover letter that gets you noticed!

Here are some tips that you must follow:

1. Don’t brag. First of all, you must keep in mind that there is a definite line between bragging and highlighting your accomplishments. Although it is always a great idea to accentuate the positive, bragging is an absolute no no and so is lying. Therefore, be honest and open and don’t brag.

2. Sell yourself. Second, focus on selling yourself. A cover letter is a place where you focus on how you would meet the requirements of your potential employer. In the cover letter, you must sell yourself and your qualifications. Talk about what you can do for XYZ Company not what they can do for you.

* Keep it brief. Highlight the most important qualifications in your resume and keep in short sweetie. Nobody is interested in your life story. Only include relevant points that will add to your qualification and help you stand out from the crowd. Never make your cover letter too long. Instead focus on why you’re the most qualified and what you have to offer the employer.

* Do not be repetitive. A cover letter should build on what is in your résumé. Do not make a mistake of repeating all that you have said in it, at least not word for word.

* Address it correctly. Never address a cover letter to “Whom It May Concern”. This is the shortest route to the dustbin. If you do not know the name of the person concerned, you can start with, “Dear Mr. HRD Manager,” or “Dear Mr. Hiring Manager”.

In conclusion, you can create a great cover letter that gets you noticed. One that doesn’t get thrown in the trash and gets your résumé read. Simply follow the above mentioned tips and you’ll be on your way to getting hired for yoru dream pharmaceutical job.

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