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Planning For the Details of Your Home

Designing your dream home can be somewhat of a stressful endeavor. You may not realize before you set out on designing your home just how many details you are going to have to plan and how many decisions you will have to make.

The more that you know about your home before you start your building process the quicker you will be able to be done. There are a lot of people that feel they cannot get everything done once the building process is under way.

Taking the time to understand the intricacies and the details that you will want included in your home is important. The more that you are able to understand about your home the better off you will be in the long run.

A great way to start is by driving around different neighborhoods and taking note of what you like on the outside of these homes. There are a lot of homes that you may not like and a lot of homes that you may like.

When you look at a home and you do not like it, you can take note of what you want to make sure does not happen to your home. These lists should be very specific and the list of what you do not want should be much smaller than the list that you do want.

Once you identify a trait that you do want on your home you should be eliminating an endless amount of traits that you do not want. As you look at a home and decide that you do not like it make sure that you figure out what it is about the home that you do not like.

As you are writing your lists you may want to be taking pictures of the homes. In some neighborhoods this will be no problem and in others you should make sure that you are asking the owner of the home if this is okay.

While some people may find this to be flattering, others may decide that they are not okay with you taking a picture of their home. If you are not comfortable asking the home owner for a picture you can always try to draw the quality on your own.

The details that you have to pay attention to may feel like they never stop popping up. Some of the details may even go unnoticed or unrecognized until you are in the middle of your building process and the contractor asks for your instruction.

One of the more obscure traits that you will have to make sure you hammer out before you start to build is the window treatments for your home. As you are taking the time to choose how your windows will be designed you should also make sure that they are protected.

Popular trends in the homes that are being built today are the copper window tops. Many people like to use these window tops because they deflect any snow, rain or even hail from touching the window directly.

Although you will get deflections of these adverse weather situations, your windows will experience much less wear and tear than normal. If you know that you are not going to have the time or energy to clean your windows often, these window covers may help.

Often times people worry about using copper on the outside of their home because they are worried about the copper corroding. Although they copper may change color, it is a very durable metal that will last a long time.

If you want to keep the copper the original color there are different treatments and methods of care that will ensure this can happen. Although, there are a lot of people that like the color that the copper changes when it becomes a little weathered.

The patina that the copper becomes is becoming more and more popular. When you are planning your color scheme you have to make sure that the colors you are using are going to work well with the patina as well.

When your colors will not work with the patina you have to rigorously keep the copper treated. Throughout the year the weather will put more wear and tear on your copper and the treatment will be absolutely necessary.

The design of your home will be entirely up to you. If you would prefer to have no window treatments or if you decide that you hate the idea of having copper on your home, then you can choose something else.

Tom Selwick has worked as a general contractor remodeling homes for 27 years and has written hundreds of articles about roofing, awnings, siding, and roofing Utah.

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