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Planting Trees In Your Garden And How You Can Save The World

Many people grow up thinking of the heroic lines of work they would like to engage in. A police officer, a fire fighter, a doctor, a nurse or an astronaut; these are the typical professions that children dream of. Few children, if any, dream of planting trees as a heroic line of work. While it may be a bit of stretch to actually call it heroic, it is something that everyone can do and it can and will have an impact on the world.

Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, with most animals, it is just the opposite. With deforestation continuing at an alarming rate and the rain forests shrinking on a daily basis people might be concerned with running out of oxygen. The fact is: most of the oxygen animals breathe is produced by algae in the oceans, so we won’t be running out any time soon. Another fact is: trees are disappearing faster than they are being planted. People don’t think about how many trees are cut down for their use every day. Paper and cardboard products make up a huge percentage of the consumable packaging used in the world today. They come primarily from trees.

Planting trees is a great way to be a good steward of the environment. They beautify their surroundings, offer shade and help stave off erosion. How many cities look bare because they lack greenery? How many of them would look better if the people were to start planting a tree in their garden?

Planting trees isn’t the only think you can do to ‘save the world’. Let’s face it, it probably won’t stop solar flares or decrease the chances of a super volcanic eruption or even make any difference in the ‘global warming’ charade. Saving the world isn’t just about sustaining the environmental equilibrium necessary to maintain life. It is also about making the quality of that life good, not mere survival, but beautiful and enjoyable. Planting trees can save the world by making it worth living in for future generations. It can make the world a better place and more enjoyable place, even if it is only in your garden.

The ability to take some responsibility upon oneself for the preservation and promotion of a high standard of living is one thing that makes a good steward of creation. Planting a tree in your garden is a place to start. Talking with your mates and neighbours about it and explaining to them the why’s and wherefore’s might interest them as well. The more people that participate, then the more trees are planted.

Call a landscaper and find out what the cost is, then spend the money and the time to teach your children that they can grow up to save the world, but one of the things that makes it worth saving is the beauty of nature…and then plant your tree with them in your garden. You will be teaching them good stewardship and encouraging them to grow up to save the world!

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