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Prepaid Calling Cards with Cheap Rates

Most people today rely on cellular phones for cheap long-distance communication, but there are a couple of obstacles that mobile phones present: first, international rates are vastly higher than rates per minute domestically. They are also likely not covered under any unlimited minutes. Many cellular plans include free night and weekend minutes, but if you were to make a phone call, for example, from Florida to Mexico, then you would pay an elevated international rate even if you were calling during the night or weekend. Another obstacle that mobile phones pose is that they often involve long-term obligations; many people do not use a cell phone enough to justify signing a two-year contract for a phone that they rarely use. Whatever the case, there is a much more flexible option that has taken the telecom world by storm: CallDirek connects people from all over the world for affordable and transparent rates.
A popular option among CallDirek customers is the prepaid calling card. This is no traditional calling card, however; this virtual calling card is your gateway to long-distance calling. Instead of leaving your home to buy a calling card, you can set up an account with CallDirek and start making calls immediately; activation takes less than a minute. Unlike traditional calling cards, this service does not involve hidden charges, and your minutes roll over the next time you purchase more of them.
If you’ve ever purchased a traditional calling card before, you probably know the feeling of getting shortchanged. You spend $10 thinking you’re getting a great deal on 100 minutes to call friends or family overseas, and once you start trying to use the card, you’re appalled to learn that by the time the card has run out of minutes, you’ve only used about 10 of those minutes actually talking on the phone. With CallDirek, this is never an issue. When your account is right at your fingertips online, you can see exactly how your money is spent, and if you are ever overcharged, just call the friendly customer support line for a refund. Chances are you’ve never received such customer service from a traditional calling card company.
Your minutes also roll over when you recharge, so you no longer have to deal with the frustration of wasting minutes on calling cards. If you use calling cards frequently, you might be familiar with this problem: when you check your minutes balance, you’re told that you have 10 minutes, but you know that after connection fees and other charges, you will be left with nothing, so you figure that you might as well throw out the card. Since you prepay online, you don’t have to worry about wasting minutes; they simply roll over when you make your next payment for more minutes.
CallDirek is constantly working to stay ahead of the competition by offering the best value in the telecom industry. Our goal is not only to satisfy its customers but to exceed their expectations in every way possible. From unparalleled customer service to its convenient, affordable products, CallDirek is the top choice for your prepaid calling needs.

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