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Product Development

The process of product development within the industrial sector must be understood from the reality that two different engines must be working in tandem for any idea to ever see the light of day on a store shelf or in use in the public or private sector. Those two engines are industrial and marketing. JH May, of the United Kingdom, is an industrial manufacturer that brings the entire industrial process under one roof. This well -oiled machine has over 80 years expertise in product development and manufacturing. They have been at the cutting edge of all changes in the sector throughout their years and remain a leader today.

The marketing engine can be briefly described as the research and analysis done by a firm to determine both what the proposed customer both wants and needs. Anticipation of those needs before production and even before design will allow for a firm to maximize on the development investment made. Marketing must then make use of the product in final production and sell it to the intended audience, by demonstrating that the new product will meet the wishes and needs of consumers.

The industrial engine can be further defined as the fleshing out of the initial idea, product design phase, and the engineering of the prepared design. The idea or concept must make use of the perceived need of the customer. A firm’s concept then must be further developed to include any new requirements and specifications. During the design phase, computer-aided drafting and computer-aided manufacturing are utilized to make a 3D computer model of the finished product or products. Scale modeling may be used to examine the product before a full-size prototype to find any obvious flaws. This design is then prototyped to examine the new fully-functional product in a controlled setting.

After idea and design, the manufacturing of the new product can take place, with a large number of components being produced in a relatively short amount of time. The 3D computer design already developed will aid the computer in precisely and accurately changing the G-code of a CNC machine, the G-code being the computer language that is native to the program. When the controller is coded, the CNC machine will be set to the task of developing the product for real-life testing. When this is effective, the machines will be used for the full-scale manufacture of the product.

The mission of JH May is to stand above the average industrial developer by working with you to overcome issues and create effective and profitable solutions for every challenge within your product development. The Essex–based company is well-prepared for whatever project you bring to the table. Single components and large projects are all a part of the job done every day by the designers, engineers and workers that make JH May such a success.

Product development is most successful when idea formation, design and completed product all come from the same manufacturer, a manufacturer equipped to meet a customer’s full array of needs. Your industrial product will be designed, developed, and completed by JH May. Your end result will be available more quickly, with precision and accuracy. Product development is highly important, and should be driven by the perceived needs of the desired customer, based upon market analysis.

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