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Property Development in Bulgaria: The Opening Up of the Real Estate Market

When it comes to investing in real estate, the old adage that “timing is everything” truly does apply. If you are interested in property investment in Bulgaria, you should be aware of property development in Bulgaria that will impact the real estate market, including the availability of houses for sale in Bulgaria.

Most financial experts and real estate analysts maintain that the present day and age is a perfect time to make a real property investment in Bulgaria. The underlying reason for the country becoming a prime market for real estate investment centers on a number of new developments that have occurred and that are in the process of occurring over the course of the coming year and a half.
When it comes to property development in Bulgaria, one of the most fundamental changes has involved the alteration of the government system in the country. The fundamental change in the government system in Bulgaria has resulted in a loosening of the restrictions that were one in place in regard to the ownership of real estate. Indeed, up until recent years, foreign nationals — individuals and companies alike — generally were prohibited from owning real estate in that country. Foreign property investment in Bulgaria was generally prohibited.
Since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, Bulgaria has taken a course in which it not only permits foreign investment in the country, but the government has enacted laws designed to encourage foreign investment, including foreign ownership of real property.

Perhaps the most substantial of the property development in Bulgaria is the movement of that nation towards full membership status in the European Union. Commencing in 2007, Bulgaria will obtain full membership status in the European Union. This transition towards membership in the EU is spurring on foreign investment. In point of fact, many foreign nationals are moving to gain a foothold in real property investment in Bulgaria, including taking advantage of houses for sale in Bulgaria to be used as income generating rental property.

Analysts who have been monitoring the Bulgarian financial and real estate markets over time maintain that the present day and age is the optimal time for eager investors to make purchases of real estate in the country.
With the new property development in Bulgaria, both in the governmental and economic sector, the present day investment in real estate is expected to pay off tremendously over the course of the coming decade.

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