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Questions and Answers About the Pay for Surgical Techs

Surgical technicians are in high demand. It is projected that jobs for surgical technicians are on the rise but more specifically, certified surgical technicians. As a result, it is considered to be a promising field to enter into. Another appealing feature of this field is the ability to complete training in nine to twenty four months subject to the program chosen. In this article, I will discuss the contributing factors of the salary structure for surgical technicians. I will also briefly touch on the subject of benefits.

Certified surgical technicians earn more than their counter parts. Salary is based on many contributing factors such as the industry, the employer and the amount of work experience. With so many factors, this means that the salary range is wide. With reference to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is stated that the average annual salary for surgical techs is $38,000 with the top 10% earning more than $52,500.

The following represent the highest paying industries:

– Ambulatory health care – $45, 430
– Employment services – $45,210
– Home health care – $43,820
– Medical and diagnostic labs – $43,180
– Medical offices – $42,870

Most surgical technologists work for general medical and surgical hospitals, physician offices, and employment services. But, other than the industry, the location is also an important factor.

The following represent the highest paying U.S. states:

– Alaska – $50,000
– Connecticut – $47,620
– Hawaii – $46,720
– California – $45,400
– Nevada – $45,020

If you are considering relocating in order to benefit from a higher income, you must consider the cost of living for the location. At times, salaries are high in order to cover the high cost of living.

Another factor for salaries is work experience. It is generally the practice to pay for experience. The average starting salary for a surgical technician is $31,824 while the average salary for a surgical technician with 20 years of experience is $50,000.

Being a certified surgical technician is also a push towards receiving more pay. Acquiring certification requires keeping it up to date by re-doing the certification exam every four years. Most employers value certification and are willing to pay for certified employees.

Specializing in a specific area of surgical technology will also help to increase your earnings. Specialization means that you have expertise in an area of work. There are specialization courses available in order to improve your career outlook.

In addition to salary, surgical technicians also enjoy benefits. Benefits include retirement options, holidays with pay, sick leave and health insurance. Some jobs even reimburse you for tuition costs. This is a big plus especially when you have to pay to maintain your certification credentials.

Salary varies with job functions. Large cities usually pay more than small towns and large companies generally pay more than a small company. Keep this in mind when looking for a job. Also worth considering is that the job market is usually more competitive in high paying areas and positions as opposed to lower paying locations and positions.

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