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Realtors, Start Using Google Analytics

Realtors are you looking for a way to track visitors to your website. Advertising has always been the life blood of the real estate industry, but it has always been difficult to judge what advertising was working. In mid November Google announced a new free service called “Google Analytics”. Google had previously offered this service under the name “Urchin”. Urchin was a wonderful way to track traffic through your website. However, Urchin cost around $299 per month, and was out of the reach of most small businesses. Well get ready for some good news. Google Analytics can help Realtors use performance data to improve their online marketing campaigns and websites. With Google Analytics, realtors can determine what keywords attract the most visitors, which email campaigns create more customers, and how to design web pages that hold people’s attention. Best of all, it is completely free if you have an active Google “AdWords” pay per click advertising account.

“We want to give all online marketers and publishers access to powerful web analytics to help them better understand what their customers want. With this knowledge, businesses can create more accurate advertising and build better websites,” said Paul Muret, Google engineering director, and one of the founders of Urchin. “By making this powerful service free, we aim to give all websites, large and small, the tools they need to better serve their customers, make more money, and improve the web experience for everyone”.

Google Analytics tracks all of your online marketing. Be it email, newsletters, pay per click, natural search results, or any other online advertising you can think of. Get visual summaries of traffic in the form of graphs and pie charts. Track conversions on your real estate website without hunting through complicated reports. You will quickly see any problem areas. Get real time feed back on your Google pay per click, or Yahoo advertising campaigns. See what keywords your customers are using to find your real estate website. The Google analytics dashboard gives you a clear visual format that is fast and easy to digest.

If you have an AdWords account, you can access Google Analytics directly from your AdWords control panel. Google Analytics also saves you time by automatically importing all your keyword data from AdWords. So you see return on investment and other key metrics for every keyword you have in your AdWords pay per click advertising campaign with no extra effort on your part, just by using Google Analytics.

If your a professional realtor with a website, you should be using a Google pay per click advertising campaign to promote your real estate website. You can list the keywords that you want to use. You can customize your ads within minutes. You can change your ads on the fly and see the results live on Google in ten minutes. Setting up a Google advertising account only takes about ten minutes and the start up cost is five dollars. Once your real estate advertising campaign is in place Google analytics will show you what is working and just as importantly, what’s not working. Just setting up an account is easy enough, however it is a good idea to seek the help of a full time Google AdWords professional. A professionally created AdWords advertising campaign can save you from some expensive mistakes and can help you get the positive results you are looking for in a very short time.

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