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Reasons Behind Large Scale Popularity Of Aodd Pumps And Diaphragm Pumps

At the time of travelling to a distant place when we check the latest headlines from our latest PDAs or IPhones, we simply cannot believe what science and technology has achieved within thousands of years. Because, at first, he was not having the luxury of using science and technology to change his surroundings at his will. He used to lead nomadic lifestyle, used to live in caves or branches of trees and hunt smaller animals to feed. Later on, he started to notice that at the banks of rivers;paddy seeds if sown grow more. In this way, the river based civilisations were established. Some of the times, they used to wander from one place to another to look for greener pastures. In this way, groups of people went to distant places and started their own civilisation which gave rise to different cultures, languages, literature, dialects, cultural practises etc. So, right from the initial days, careful observation and rational thinking has been man’s most prized possession. Over the ages, practising science and application of cutting edge technology have led to manysignificant discoveries and achievements. Among these, in the astronomical fields, landing on moon, setting up international space station, building Hubble space telescope is the most important ones. Likewise in the other sectors, major discoveries also taken place and became a part of our daily lives. Especially, the pumping sector, since it deals with various liquids ranging from reactive, hazardous, corrosive acids, alkalis, chemicals, adhesives, resins, paints, viscous cementitous mixtures, hence proper planning and accurate design is essential. Hence, manufacturing companies involve mechanical engineers having long years of experience in the related field in designing them so that the device can ensure operator safety apart from producing quality output.

Latest range of offerings is greatly used in chemical processing industries to transfer flammable, hazardous chemicals and liquids, paints, adhesives, resins. They are having host of functionalities which includes self-priming and dry running without any damage for infinite times. They are made from metal or non-metals and do not need any kind of lubrication for operating. Moreover, they are having anti-freezingcapability and due to the absence of plungers and piston rods, are relatively leak free. aodd pumps belong to this category and have been well received by various companies across globe operating in the same sector.

Diaphragm pumps are mainly reciprocating type of machine in which the flexible inner diaphragms are the working elements. Due to absence of any type of plungers they are relatively leak free and by simply adjusting air supply, the discharge pressure and flow can be varied. Instead of costly motor devices, this can be used since this is a commercially viable solution.

Air operated diaphragm pumps are having self-priming apart from dry-running capabilities which makes it most ideal solution and for this reason only, it has been well received across different continents around the globe. Available in different sizes (like ¼, ½, 1 inches) with different configurations, they can be configured or customized based on situation. Another major advantage over the other similar types of machines is its unique capability of producing variable flow by the sheer adjustment of air supply.