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Reinvent Your Room in a Simple Way

When it comes down to it, most people want to remodel some area of their home. Whether it is the guest bedroom, the falling apart kitchen, or just a boring bathroom, redecorating and inventing rooms is a fun, exciting change.

However, the biggest problem with any home improvement project is the clock. You want to spruce up the bedroom, renovate your bathroom, or transform your kitchen, but where are you going to find the time?

Oddly enough, a main anxiety among homeowners isn’t how much the job costs or how much work is involved; instead, the chief concern is how long it’s going to take. And that’s a valid question: the longer the job, the more money and labor it’s going to require.

Plus, it’s the weekend and who wants to be stuck inside doing even more work. Initially, it’s hard to guess how long a chore will take, so here is a timeline guide to help you organize any home remodel around your schedule.

If you want to makeover a room quickly, set a limit of a single day to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself. Bedroom makeovers don’t have to be a chore since several small touches can be accomplished in a single day.

The point of any remodel is to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed. So take one Saturday at a time and schedule a small renovation each week.

A fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive way to rejuvenate any room. For bedroom makeovers, it’s best to stick to warm, rich colors such as tans, sage green, or soft blues.

Plus, to save even more time, just paint a single accent wall to create some spice. If you are going to paint only one wall, there is more space for variety, including brighter colors such as a red or gold.

The next fun changes to make are in the decorations. There are so many fun things to accent walls, and shelves these days, even without making any nail holes.

Spend a day at the store. Buying a few knick-knacks, pillows, and sheets is a fast way to reinstate a new sense of style.

The hard part about this bedroom makeover is finding the perfect item, so take your time during the selection process. There are fun wall appliques now which can help you to create a work of art in your room for a limited cost, and without any damage to your walls.

Once you have finished a bedroom, it is time to tackle that boring bathroom of yours. Bathroom makeovers are little trickier since more is involved beyond the decor.

Though decoration is important, there is also flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, and countertops. Plus, you want it to remain functional as well as beautiful, so most projects take a couple of days.

Replacing your plumbing fixtures can quickly transform a lavatory. And though you could replace the bigger items, simply swapping out the faucets, showerheads, and handles can give a restroom new life and a fresh focal point.

Do you have old-fashioned brass fixtures, rounded bulbs, or glaring fluorescents? If so, you may need to switch out your lights.

Go for track lighting, smaller fixtures, and always focus on natural lighting (skylights, windows, etc.) if you’re able to. Lighting can make all the difference in a room.

If you are going to makeover a kitchen, plan on at least a month. There’s a reason they’re the social hub of any household: they have it all.

Plumbing, appliances, lots of square footage, and it should be the focal point of the home. It takes time to accomplish a kitchen makeover, but it’s always worth the hassle in the long run.

And if you hire professionals, the job may not take as long as you think. The first thing to become outdated is usually the cabinets.

Nothing modifies a room more drastically than new floors. Of course hardwood is all the rage.

It certainly adds value and never goes out of fashion, but it’s also pricey and takes skill to install. Tile is also a great substitute with its clean lines and polished look.

Not only can new appliances make the space more effective and easy-to-use, they also add to its appearance. It takes time to slowly replace each electrical item, so don’t rush.

You can never go wrong with stainless steel (it’s sleek, modern, and fashionable), yet no matter the veneer make sure it all matches. But beyond beauty, you also want to think efficiency, so make sure your products are quality pieces that will last.

When it comes to decorating, it doesn’t have to take months or break the bank. Figure out what small changes you can make, and freshen up your home!

Tommy Greene has worked as a general contractor remodeling homes for 27 years and has written hundreds of articles about roofing, awnings, siding, and remodeling Utah.

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