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Saint Francis Garden Statue Popular Reminder Of Faith

There are many different ways that you can display your Christian faith to the world. Some people wear special jewelry like crucifix or cross pendants or earrings. Others might choose a more direct approach and wear tee shirts featuring controversial admonishing of public issues. Still others might prefer carrying coins or medals resembling their favorite patron saint or even the one that is appropriate for their specific needs at the time. For those looking for home decor that makes this kind of statement might investigate religious bird baths or a St Francis garden statue for their yard, to display prominently on the front lawn.

Among all the ornamentation you could place in your yard, the St Francis garden statue is a fitting choice since he is the patron saint of animals and the environment. This should bring the blessing of fertility to your lawn or garden, yielding healthy soil, grass, and vegetables. He is also the patron saint of Italy which is somewhat odd since his whole family hails from France, even though his father, Pietro di Bernardone, was obviously Italian. Because of his sainthood, it is very customary for Catholic churches to hold animal-blessing ceremonies on his feast day, which is October 4th during the harvest season.

The patron saints are all dedicated to some vocation or labor. For instance, Saint Michael is the patron saint of the warrior. As the archangel, he smote Lucifer and serves as protector and viceroy of heaven as the general of Gods army. Police officers and soldiers, especially fighter pilots and paratroopers turn to him for protection during battle and the commission of their jobs. Also, Saint Anthony is the patron saint of missing things and lost people so families of missing persons pray to him for aid in finding their loved ones and protection while they are gone. Accordingly, the St Francis garden statue serves Catholics as a way to preserve their faith while protecting their crops, yard, or garden.

Like many other lawn ornaments, several manufacturers make a St Francis garden statue. They can design them in any number of ways using a variety of materials. Simple garden figures can be made of synthetic materials like plastic which is easy to mold and inexpensive to produce. You might also find statues made out of ceramics or chiseled from stone. As you can imagine, the more artistic and laborious the process of creating the figure, the higher the cost will be. This is a minor detail, though, for those who truly desire a unique and beautiful representative of Faith, and protector of their family lawn and garden.

Speaking of manufacturers, the most diverse collection of manufacturers and designers of St Francis garden statue models is available on the internet. Though you can probably find a few at your local home store or specialty retailer, the internet is the best way to know what you are getting, and that you are getting the best price. Shipping options allow you to send your item directly to your home, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

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