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Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a species of Sage herbs found at the Sierra Mazateca Mountain range tropical forests in the South Mexican state of Oaxaca. What makes this herb typically distinct from others is its psychoactive effect similar to LSD. But unlike Marijuana, cannabis and other narcotics which are illegal to possess, sale or use, Salvia Divinorum is legally sold in most of the countries and can be purchased online from our website . The reason for considering Salvia Divinorum as a Legal High is because of the beneficial, therapeutic and medicinal effects associated with it. Though the history of the plant isn’t known, the Salvia Divinorum has been used by the Mazatec since centuries for the purpose of religious worship due to its hallucinogenic property which is believed to be closer to divinity, hence the name Diviner’s Sage. A saliva divinorum plant generally grows up to 3 feet. Similar to other sage plants, the leaves of this plant are large and the stem is hollow shaped. Salvia Divinorum contains an active constituent known as Salvinorin A which is responsible for hallucinogenic effect.

A Salvia Divinorum containing the compound Salvinorin A can be consumed by 3 methods.

1.Quid Chewing: The oldest method of consuming salvia is still in use. The salvia leaves are typically held in the mouth for a longer duration after being chewed. The Quid of the plant is held in the mouth to prevent the gastrointenstinal system from inactivating the Salvinorin A otherwise. This system has a higher psychoactive effect associated with it compared to other sustem.

2.Smoking: One of the most preferred ways of consuming Salvia is by smoking it. Using the water pipe, hookah or chillum are the best ways to smoke salvia divinorum due to the high temperature required for release of Salvinorin A. The effect is quite cook and lasta for about 10 to 15 mins. Since smoking the leaves directly might not be effective and has least effect, using purified Salvia leaves with the concentration of 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x and so on are known to have the best hallucinogenic effect.

3.Drinking: The tincture of salvia is prepared by mixing it with alcohol and is perhaps the least preferred means of consuming Salvia Divinorum. The tincture of salvia is quite expensive and can cause a bad sensation due to the presence of alcohol in it since, similar to quid chewing, the tincture has to be held in mouth for absorption.

The consumption of Salvia in any of the above mentioned forms brings about vary short term and long term effects.

1.Hallucination and trance like state brought about by motion sensation or movement followed by merging or over lapping of structures.
2.Highly increased concentration on mind.
3.Heavy Sweating followed by either increase or decrease in body temperature.
4.Uncontrollable surge in an emotional response such as laughing or crying.
5.Recollection of past memories.

In spite of the LSD like effect Salvia Divinorum is believed to have many beneficial effects as well.

1.They have proved to be an excellent de-addiction drug. It can be used in place of opiates to replace the addiction to illegal substances by producing similar physiological and psychological effect.
2.It could be used for fighting wide range of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
In spite of being widely portrayed as a harmful drug by the media which is demanding change in the legal recognition of Salvia Divinorum, a proper scientific and medical research on Salvia Divinorum could unravel the holy grail of many disorders and diseases.
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