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Save on Your Energy Bill: Consider Building a Solar Panel

Alternative energy development dates back more than 100 years. Development on this technology began in the middle of the industrial revolution. Building a solar panel today is cost efficient, environmentally friendly and a potential source of income. Many people do not realize the benefits of creating more energy than you personally use. That extra energy may be sold back to the electric company, creating a residual income.

A solar panel is, in layman’s terms, a collection of photovoltaic cells that work together to supply electricity to a home, business or even an entire city. A single cell can’t create enough electricity to be functional on its own. When many cells are used together, a photovoltaic panel is created, and may be used to reduce the energy needed to power an appliance, or even an entire home. Building a solar panel isn’t difficult; in fact, you can build a fully functional photovoltaic panel in a single weekend for about $200.

The photovoltaic process is used by NASA to power spacecraft due to extremely low maintenance and reliability. This technology requires nearly no maintenance due to the fact that it does not use moving parts. Virtually no wear and tear means virtually no worn parts need to be replaced. The sun’s energy is a fully renewable power source and continually charges the batteries that produce the energy needed to power unmanned craft.

Home Use

Building a solar panel is the most cost effective way to use the sun’s energy. Many people can’t afford a $10,000 to $25,000 initial investment to reduce their energy bills. The return on investment simply doesn’t come quickly enough to make up for the initial costs. The benefits are great, so building a solar panel is a viable alternative.

Environmentally Friendly: The sun and wind are the only two fully renewable energy sources. Water is abundant on Earth but isn’t considered a renewable energy source. Wind generators use the power of the wind to create clean electricity whereas solar panels use the power of the sun.

Monetary Savings: Electric companies are continually raising prices. A few hundred dollars invested in building a solar panel may save thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.

Low Maintenance: Many people are under the misunderstanding that maintaining a solar panel takes a lot of time and attention. All you really need to do is keep it clear of dust, pollen and debris. Remember, it must absorb energy from the sun; therefore the sun must hit the photovoltaic cells directly.

Make Money: Extra energy produced can be sold back to the electric company for a profit. Imagine receiving a check from the electric company instead of a bill.

Business and Industrial Use

Clean energy for business and industrial use is also very highly sought-after. Some countries implement the use of solar power for business and residential use as common protocol. Solar trees are being used in several areas to provide clean, efficient, renewable power to residential areas and small businesses.

Timothy Blake is an enthusiast of alternative energy. He has sold and installed solar systems through his own retail company.