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Save The Planet With The Help Of Energy Efficient Heaters

Over the last few years, the strident cry for a greener and cleaner environment has gained momentum and there is a lot of awareness among the people about the need for conservation of energy and to reduce the personal carbon footprint. The media has played a major role in highlighting the perils of indiscriminate usage of finite fossil fuels and that has led to major industries such as the auto industry doing their best to come out with cleaner fuel, alternative fuel vehicles and totally green vehicles that run only on electricity.

While the above steps are certainly commendable, as citizens, we can play a huge role in contributing to this initiative as well by making small adjustments in the manner we use energy within the homes and offices. These adjustments can be in the form of usage of better devices, reduced consumption, cutting wasteful consumption and being more aware of the significance of our actions.

Energy efficient heaters are one way to significantly lower the heating costs. Statistics show that close to half of the home energy costs are spent on both heating and cooling alone and use of the appropriate space heaters can bring down this cost. Merely by decreasing the temperature by about 5 degrees and making use of a good heater can save 10% on cost and lead to the elimination of over 800 pounds of harmful CO2 emissions. As mentioned earlier, it is this kind of adjustment that we can make in each of our lives to make a huge positive difference overall.

Now the next question is what kind of heaters are truly energy efficient and how does one select the right one?

Since there are so many brands and models available in the market, it is natural to get confused. The only way is to read about specific brands and select one that is ideal keeping your room size and requirements in mind. The electric heater has been found to be the most useful and the advantage with them is their applicability and functionality in almost any room of the house. So you can have energy efficient space heaters ranging from a desk type and ones that can be taken along to any room within the house to the ones that serve big industrial premises and office complexes. It is therefore just a matter of finding the right one for your specific needs.

All of these energy efficient heaters have thermostats that can be adjusted such that the heat generated is not wasted and well utilized. Due to their ease of operation, portability and low maintenance costs, they are being preferred over models that use other sources of non-electric fuel. The only problems that can arise in them are due to faulty handling of the equipment or keeping highly flammable items in their proximity.

They are thus good investments and you will also feel happy to have contributed to the conservation of the environment.

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