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Scheduling Multi Stop Shipments

Most of the time, when a company wants a courier to deliver a package, they simply place the order. The company makes the pickup of the shipment, and delivers it to the client. There are some shipping situations, usually in larger companies, which can get quite a bit more complicated than this though. A good example is when people want to use their order fulfillment services to make multi stop shipments of some kind.

If you want to make multi stop shipments for your company, you are usually going to have to look into certain specific kinds of courier service. In a regular parcel service, you can in a way get multi stop shipments, but often this is without the kind of specificity that most people are looking for in this service. While you can have more than one package delivered, it will be difficult to dictate the order packages are delivered in, and you will have less control over your timelines. So if you need multi stop shipping, there are other options which are more worth examining.

First of all, there are many courier companies that have drivers and vehicles that they can subcontract to a company for whatever period of time that you require. When you’re hiring a driver to work elusively for your company, it gives you the option to structure the deliveries any way you want, including organizing complicated multi stop deliveries.

The next thing that you can consider is FTL shipping. FTL stands for full truck load. This is usually a shipping option that is used by people that are shipping more than 10,000 lbs of freight. If you do deal in deliveries of that scale though, by using FTL instead of sharing your truck with other clients when shipping LTL means that you can dictate multi stop shipments and arrange them however you please.

If you don’t feel that for one reason or another that FTL or a subcontracted driver are not the right answer to your delivery problems, then you should bring up the question of multi stop shipments directly with a representative of the courier company. The truth is that the best courier companies out there are those who are the best at solving problems. If you’re doing business with the best, if you present your problem to them they should be able to formulate some kind of a shipping solution that will work for you, no matter how complicated your request may be.

Everette Lyons is a consultant for 3pl providers and retail distribution companies as well as national courier service businesses.