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Scott Monge Wins Settlement for Passenger Injured On Major Airline Carrier Jetway

Based purely on his legal career, one of the top personal injury lawyers in Georgia is Scott Monge. As you can imagine, Monge has seen his share of tragic accidents during his long years working personal injury and work related accident claims. So when he was called upon to represent a passenger who was injured in the jetway of a major airline, he didn’t hesitate to get on the case. And the result—a generous settlement for the injured passenger—was no less surprising for the successful Atlanta-based lawyer.

This latest legal victory is only one in a long line of similar victories for Monge, who has made quite a career for himself as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Georgia. With a stunning career stretching for more than 15 years and marked with various legal accomplishments, Monge’s client couldn’t have picked a better lawyer for the job.

Like most lawyers, Monge began his legal career with stints at different reputable law schools. After starting out at Southern Illinois University School of Law, Monge went on to become a visiting law student at Notre Dame Law School before heading off to Eastern Illinois University, where he graduated with top honors. Monge’s stellar academic record would pave the way for what would turn out to be a flourishing legal career, which quickly followed his admission to the bar, and his association with various prestigious law organizations in the state of Georgia. Monge was appointed to the U.S. District Court of Georgia, the Georgia Court of Appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, and the Supreme Court. Monge was also a member of the renowned Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, as well as the American Bar Association.

However, Monge had other plans in addition to these accomplishments, and it wasn’t long before he formed his own law firm: Monge

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