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Search Engine Marketing – A Way For Quick Data Access

With the invention of the Internet; website designing was also invented and this was a helping tool for people who wanted access to information. In the course of time, the number of people visiting the web increased as did the number of websites. So, searching for the data was a tedious task. In this scenario, in the year 2001, Danny Sullivan proposed the concept of ‘Search Engine Marketing’ (SEM).

Concept of Search Engine Marketing:

SEM aims to increase the visibility of advertisements appearing in various websites. It aims to improve the quality of traffic in the process of searching the various websites. It could be video search, searching for images etc, and with the help of SEO, the speed of searching will improve so that more and more people access the website.

How SEM works?

One of the basic purposes of visiting a website is for quick retrieval of the required information. If quick access is not possible, then SEM steps in to redo the website and make it more active. This may require redoing the HTML. They may have to redefine some of the coding done earlier by the client. SEO personnel may even access the source code of the HTML so that they understand the original structure of the web. Thereafter, the structure is changed appropriately and for this purpose, they adopt what is known as ‘Search Engine Optimization’.


There are many methods adopted by SEM. One of the popular methods adopted is ‘crawling’. The crawlers actually make an algorithmic result of the search. They also look into all the factors in the process of searching. They even examine the space between pages, because that will also be a factor where time may be lost in searching. Of course, the technician has the option to exclude any data or area from the search. Normally, robots.txt is excluded from search because they are standard text formats and no changes could be effected in this document.

Apart from this, white hat, black hat and gray hat SEO techniques are generally adopted to detect any irregularities or deceptions. White hat SEO is the process of ensuring that all aspects of the documents, the images, the contents are in perfect order and that there are no hidden contents. Black hat SEO is one where a deception is identified. The example for a black hat SEO is a hidden matter which is given similar matching color to hide the data. The gray hat SEO is one which is neither a white hat nor black hat and it could be argued both ways.

Advantages to marketing:

Normally, a person who visits a website searches for the information from top to bottom and from left to right. So, SEM ensures that data is appropriately placed in the direction similar to how a person views it. That will help make the search smooth. A website which has been endorsed by the SEM process will make the searching process smooth and pleasant. Through this, it will be possible to access the information without wasting any time.

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