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Self Defense-Small Business Robberies-The Best Way to Prevent Them

Recently here in Colorado Springs, my hometown that I love dearly, there’s been an outbreak of retail store, small business robberies. One night recently there were three convenience stores robbed at gunpoint. Most of the robberies committed are not armed robberies.

Running a retail business, a small business is difficult enough. You have employees trying to steal from you and customers trying to steal from you . There are ways to deal with that. But robbery is something that you dread and pray never happens to you.

The commonly accepted advice from police departments in an armed robbery is to not offer any resistance and just do what they ask. The thought being that your life isn’t worth $20 in the cash drawer and I agree.

But if you own a small business, a retail business, you realize that you are at risk for a robbery especially if you are located near a busy intersection, where it’s easy for the bad guys to get away your risk may be higher. So what are you supposed to do? There comes a point where you almost draw a line in the sand and say “no more”.

If you feel threatened by an assailant who is armed I would stick to that advice and just do what they demand and hand over any money they ask for. If on the other hand the assailant is unarmed there is something that you can do to protect yourself, your cash and your store.

The Mace pepper gun has up to seven 25 foot shots of a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum, better known as OC spray. The 25 foot range is the most of any defensive spray. There is an additional benefit of a greater range than any other self defense product in the world.

A shot in the face of OC spray and the assailant will be screaming from the pain, he’ll be swearing at you as well. His eyes will tear up so badly that they may close. He will experience shortness of breath, difficulty of breathing, coughing and choking. The effects last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. If he should happen to try and rub the spray out of his face all he does is rub it in worse and aggravates the situation.

Another alternative is to use the Mace triple action home model. It doesn’t have the range-only 10 or 12 feet but several of my customers have a canister of Mace triple action home model standing on the front counter right next to the cash register in their store for people to see. It sends a subliminal message that maybe they better try somebody else.

When you feel threatened by an unarmed robber, not an armed robber, in your small business or retail store give him a shot of OC spray for robbery prevention.

When are you getting one to protect your store?

A 10% solution of OC spray is illegal in some jurisdictions. So check the internet or your local sheriff’s department first before getting some.

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